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Letters to the Editor — May 14, 2023

Carroll’s court win

It is gratifying that the long-term misery inflicted on E. Jean Carroll by former President Donald Trump has been affirmed by a jury and that she was awarded a significant amount of money for what befell her when she encountered him — and more recently, as he defamed her (“Defame & fortune,” May 10).

I applaud Carroll for her courage and determination.

May the jury’s verdict bring peace and comfort to her and to other women who have been abused by men who believe that they may grab women “by the p - - - y” if they are sufficiently important and powerful.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township, Pa.

Let colleges pick

Some Albany legislators are trying to keep colleges from choosing the students they admit to their own schools, especially if they are legacy students or ask for early admission status (“Bill to nix early admit, legacies at colleges,” May 9).

Not allowing private colleges to choose their students would infringe upon schools’ rights to decide who attends their own institutions.

Like a private business, private colleges must pay all their expenses or perish — as many have.

Forcing colleges to admit one student over another strictly because he or she does not have relatives who previously attended may be unfair to the students whose academic potential is greater, even if they have those advantages.

Funding and scholarships are always available for economically challenged students who are motivated and deserving of financial help.

Ray Starman


Anti-charter Dems

Kowtowing to the corrupt teachers union is only part of the reason the Democrats oppose the Minisink charter school and other educational choices outside the regular public-school system (“UFT Wins, Harlem Kids Lose,” Editorial, May 11).

The burden of the worst public schools falls disproportionately on minorities, especially blacks.

Thus, school choice disproportionately benefits minorities, giving them a much better educational option and therefore increasing their chances of getting out of poverty and reducing their dependence on liberal politicians.

Democrats cannot allow that.

Democrats seek to maintain poor people (disproportionately minorities) in crime-ridden neighborhoods with no jobs and minimal education.

All their policy choices — from bail reform to opposing educational choice to deliberately pricing unskilled workers out of the labor market — evince that same object.

It’s time to call them out and to get safe neighborhoods, quality housing, educational opportunity and employment for minority neighborhoods to restore the rising black middle class.

Tim Phares

Laurel, Md.

Killer for co-ops

Great editorial on Local Law 97, which will economically cripple every co-op and condo in New York City and their residents (“NYC’s Mad Green-Building Law,” May 8).

Homeowners for a Stronger New York and a couple of City Council members are offering weak-kneed opposition, asking for delays in enforcement or tax breaks (who do you think pays for those?).

This pointless law serves no one except the “green” industrial complex and the politicians that reap its campaign donations.

This law must be repealed. In lieu of that, condo and co-op boards must act as one, simply not comply and ignore any and all fines.

The city has zero leverage to enforce this law.

It’s time we stood up to this madness.

Just say no.

Marc Horowitz

Floral Park

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