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Letters to the Editor — May 20, 2023

The Issue: New York City running out of places to house migrants who are bused in from other states.

It’s fascinating how the migrant situation in New York is starting to fall apart (“County ‘lodges’ protest at NYC,” May 19).

First, you have a mayor stating that New York City is a sanctuary city, throwing out the welcome mat for any and all comers.

Now that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent thousands of migrants here, Mayor Adams is having to do some fancy footwork trying to handle the tidal wave of people coming here, begging the federal government to send more aid and sending migrants upstate to handle the overflow.

Neither Adams nor Gov. Hochul have mentioned the most logical solution: Close the border.

Since that would go against the Democrats’ master plan, they don’t dare utter those words.

They would be loudly chastised by the Democratic machine and the mainstream media.

Ted Rallis


So Hizzoner thinks upstate should step up. Well, he said New York City is a sanctuary city. Up here, we don’t want that.

Do we want legal immigrants, who know English and are self-sufficient and vaccinated? Sure.

All he is doing is encouraging more to come.

And now he wants to stick us with paying part of the check he wrote.

This upstate resident and many more do not want to go along.

Chris Plate


Is it fitting that people who broke the law will have a place to sleep and eat at the expense of the citizens of New York?

I think I have a solution to the housing of illegal aliens, with no canceling wedding-party reservations at hotels required.

How about this idea?

The recently closed Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill has exercise equipment, a recreation yard, a kitchen, a cafeteria, group meeting rooms, plus private sleeping rooms or rooms for two people!

Joseph Della Pietro


Try going to another country without a passport or any identification and ask for free housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc.

Good luck with that.

You would be deported immediately.

We are the only country in the world that allows this continuing travesty at our southern border.

It is Americans last, not first.

Thanks, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

April Slauson

Naugatuck, Conn.

I agree with Steve ­Cuozzo that the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown is a poor location to house hordes of migrants bused into the city (“NYC’s message to Midtown after turning Roosevelt Hotel into migrant center: Drop dead,” May 18).

May I recommend a better venue? How about the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue, located on the Upper East Side? The armory has a huge drill hall that could shelter a large number of these people.

I am sure the mostly Democratic residents of this upscale neighborhood would welcome a golden opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to social justice and to engage in virtue signaling of the highest order by accepting these impoverished immigrants as their temporary neighbors.

Dennis Middlebrooks


Rikers is a perfect location for “asylum seekers” who entered our nation illegally (“Jailhousing for migrants,” May 18).

It makes more sense than putting them in the Roosevelt hotel at a cost of $225 million to New York City taxpayers.

These guests will check in but never check out.

They will refuse to leave their sumptuous “sanctuary” selected by our moronic mayor.

Richard Reif

Kew Gardens Hills

It seems that Mayor Adams has not thought through the problem of where to put the illegal migrants streaming into New York City.

Instead of foisting them off on neighboring counties, why not engage the many universities in the state to provide housing during the summer?

Many have spare capacity, support the “sanctuary city” idea and would no doubt like to share their lovely environs with those needy migrants.

R. Thornton

Arlington, Va.

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