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Letters to the Editor — May 6, 2023

The Issue: A whistleblower’s claim that the FBI has a file linking President Biden to a criminal bribery scheme.

It seems that whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork to disclose all sorts of shady deals by Biden and his family (“Veep Joe in ‘bribe scheme,’ ” May 4).

No wonder the White House is putting out statements that the MAGA Republicans are out to get Biden with all kinds of false allegations.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Starting in 2016, the Democrats started a war against then-President Donald Trump, which turned out to be based on false facts. As they say, “What goes around, comes around.”

Now Biden is taking the heat, which seems to be totally justified, as we are learning more about the alleged corruption of the Biden family on a daily basis.

Richard Ketay

Newark, NJ

As the walls surely close in around Biden and his family, my prediction is that we will soon see him acting more and more like the former head of the Genovese crime family Vincent Gigante, who famously feigned mental Illness as he roamed Greenwich Village in his robe and slippers.

It would be a win-win for the Dems if there ever was one: Biden gets to ride off into the sunset without having to answer too many questions due to his real or imagined mental incapacities, and the Democrats get to remove him from the White House unscathed.

Ron Occhino

Stamford, Conn.

Speaking about the Republicans and their investigation into Biden’s bribery scheme, White House Spokesman Ian Sams said: “They prefer floating anonymous innuendo, amplified by the megaphone of their allies in right-wing media, to get attention and try to distract and deflect from their own unpopular ideas and lack of solutions to the issues the American people actually care about.”

I’m not sure what parallel universe Sams and the Dems reside in, but it’s becoming quite clear that Joe and his family were and are into some shady stuff that the American people need to know about.

Michael D’Auria


It certainly looks like Biden sold out the country to enrich himself and his family.

However, Vice President Biden is now President Biden. The Justice Department and the IRS are his handmaidens. The media is simply the reporting arm of the Democratic Party and has no interest in actual investigative journalism.

There is more than one standard of justice today. Just ask Alec Baldwin.

Robert Mangi


The Issue: The Navy’s recruitment of an active-duty drag queen to be a “digital ambassador.”

It was sad to read that the Navy’s attempt to increase recruiting is by appointing a drag queen sailor as a digital ambassador (“Navy’s recruit tactic is a ‘drag,’ ” May 4).

Our military across all branches is losing focus on the real mission.

The military is not a workforce like other government jobs. The military’s mission is to win wars or be so well-trained in combat that it deters aggression from other nations.

When senior military personnel are now more concerned with aligning themselves to the culture permeating our politics instead of concentrating on training for war, it is scary, and it’s why recruiting is low.

William Cook

Hammonton, NJ

The US Navy, in an attempt to combat its plunging recruitment, has appealed to the plunging necklines of drag queens to “attract the most talented and diverse workforce.”

It is unclear what “talent” the Navy is looking to recruit, but a remake of “South Pacific” and the return of the Village People may be in the offing.

Jack Kaufman

Naples, Fla.

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This story originally appeared on NYPost

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