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Letters to the Editor — May 9, 2023

The Issue: Mayor Adams’ plan to send up to 300 migrants from New York City to Rockland County.

I guess Mayor Adams will be running for governor: He seems to think that he can ship these illegal immigrants anywhere in New York state without checking with the elected officials in those towns for availability and to make sure they have the infrastructure to handle this migrant mess that he welcomed to New York City (“Suburban warfare,” May 8).

This shows the arrogance of the mayor and the Democratic Party.

Daniel Gardner

Staten Island

I have a message for Adams, who is engaging in a turf war with the Rockland County executive about busing illegal immigrants to the north of the city. When this scheme of yours is foiled, don’t you dare even consider sending them out to Long Island. It’s not our problem.

Are we all finally in agreement that any municipality, city or state labeling itself a “sanctuary” is a titanic detriment for the people who live there? New York City is ruined, and now the mayor wants to export migrants to ruin other places as well.

When are Democratic politicians finally going to put politics aside and demand that President Biden shut the border and enforce immigration laws before the country is totally ruined?

Eugene R. Dunn


Two wrongs don’t make a right. Mayor Adams criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing thousands of illegal migrants to New York City.

Now Adams turns around and plans to send some of the same illegal immigrants to motels in Rockland and Orange County, rented by New York City. Will Adams soon do the same for Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties?

The real solution involves securing our border with Mexico. With the ending of Title 42, which afforded us the opportunity to return many illegal immigrants back to their home countries, the situation will only grow worse.

We have spent over $100 billion to assist Ukraine against the Russian invasion. It’s time we spend whatever it takes to secure our borders with both Mexico and Canada.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

I have been a Rockland County resident for over 25 years.

I pay taxes (lots and lots of taxes) and I vote in every election. I abide by the laws and keep my property neat and clean.

While life is still OK here, I cannot think of a single way in which it has markedly improved in the last quarter of a century. I can, however, think of many ways in which it has deteriorated.

Now the inept Mayor Adams is shipping the results of New York City’s insane sanctuary policies, which Adams and his fellow Democrats support, to Rockland.

I never voted to house and care for hundreds of young, male, foreign intruders.

I truly hope Rockland County immediately ejects these and all illegal immigrant scofflaws by any means necessary.

If we don’t, I’ll sell my house and move to a state where the government gives a fig about what the citizens want. That, by the way, is called a democracy.

Vincent J. Herman


Mayor Adams, sending illegal immigrants to Washington, DC and Delaware instead of Rockland County would send a stronger message to President Biden: “We’re not gonna take it anymore.” Instead, you’re taking the coward’s way out.

Robert Neglia

The Bronx

Talk about someone being two-faced.

After the mayor blasted Abbott for sending migrants to New York City, he is now planning to send migrants to Rockland County.

Rockland County is a small county compared to New York City, and sending these migrants without prior notification is extremely distasteful to do.

If the mayor and all these other sanctuary-city mayors really want to do something about the influx of all these migrants, then it’s time to let our president know how much of a burden it’s creating. This all starts with our open borders.

Rob Johann


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