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Loki Assembles A Second Avengers Team With the Multiverse’s Mightiest Heroes

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers Assemble: Omega #1Marvel officially has two Avengers teams now, after Loki (Avenger Prime) puts together a team of the strongest Avengers variants from throughout the Multiverse. These survivors of the big multiversal crisis that just ended will now patrol the Marvel Multiverse from their new Celestial Base at Infinity’s End.

In Avengers Assemble: Omega #1, by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Dexter Vines, Ivan Fiorelli, Javier Garròn, Jim Towe, and Alex Sinclair, the longest saga in the history of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ends with the defeat of Mephisto and Doom Supreme. The Multiverse is safe and all the Earths ravaged by the Masters of Evil have been restored thanks to the sacrifice of Starbrand and the Phoenix. However, when ‘resetting’ those hearts, the two heroines purposefully left behind a group of the heroes that were assembled by Ghost Rider and Deathlok across the Multiverse. They now serve as a brand-new team under the leadership of Avenger Prime, operating from the new Celestial Base at Infinity’s End.

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The Multiverse’s Mightiest Avengers Form A New Team Under Loki’s Direction

To stop the threat posed by Mephisto, the ‘classic’ Avengers of Earth-616 needed all the help they could get. This is why Robby Reyes and the lone surviving Deathlok of Avenger Prime’s army embarked on a quest across the multiverse to recruit the most valiant heroes who had survived the ravages of the Masters of Evil. They learned of the identity of Avenger Prime as a Loki who destroyed his own universe and then sought redemption, and took part in the final battle at the God Quarry. Now, rather than being returned to their home world, these heroes form a new team of Avengers, which could just be the most powerful ever.

These new multiversal Avengers include true powerhouses such as the Star Panther, the God of Fists Thor, and even an Infinity Stones-imbued version of the Thing. There is also a Moon Knight, a Wonder Man, a Vision, and finally a version of Tony Stark who became Ant-Man rather than Iron Man. Considering that their Loki is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Multiverse, and the considerable resources at their disposal (including a Deathlok-controlled Celestial), this team is on a whole other level compared to Earth’s Avengers, making them the perfect protectors of the Multiverse.

Marvel Has Now Two Official Avengers Teams

The appearance of these new Avengers signals that the original team will go back to more Earth-bound stories, leaving the mess that is the Multiverse to their new peers. This is the first time in many years that there are two official Avengers team, and it’s a good chance for Marvel to explore two different type of stories. Loki‘s new Avengers team is perfect to keep telling stories with the Multiverse as their focus, while the classic Avengers will go back to their traditional setting in the new ongoing series from Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa that will begin in May 2023.

Avengers Assemble: Omega #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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