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Marvel Superstar Pens Scathing Post in Defense of ‘Pick-Up Truck’ Brand of Masculinity | The Gateway Pundit

You want to know what’s eminently nice about “Ant-Man and the Wasp” star Evangeline Lilly, aside from the obvious?

It’s genuinely hard to discern what her political and ideological stances are.

In a Hollywood landscape inundated with celebrities who wear their leftism on their sleeves like a proud badge of honor, the relative ambiguity of Lilly’s views has been a breath of fresh air.

The actress, however, may have tipped her hand about her personal beliefs in a scathing Instagram post tearing into modern conceptions of masculinity and femininity.

“Why are we only applauding masculinity in women and villainizing it in men? And why are we only applauding femininity in men and debasing it in women?” Lilly asked.

WARNING: The following post contains language that some readers will find offensive.

“Why do we feel the need to vilify a man wearing s***-kicker boots, driving a pick-up truck who’s not afraid to punch someone in the face, but if they were a woman, they would be the epitome of cool? Why is a man who loves make-up, cries easily and stays at home to tend to the domestic responsibilities valiant, but a woman who does the same is pathetic?

“I think the truly revolutionary act is as old as time: ‘Do not judge.’ – Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. Let each be who they are and let us teach grace and charity above all things.”

Now, it does need to be said: It’s fair game to question Lilly’s conservative bona fides and theological knowledge based on this post.

“Do not judge” is a classic leftist misconception (or willful misinterpretation) of Christianity.

There are ample examples in the Bible of Christians being told to judge. John 7:24, Ephesians 5:11 and Luke 10:10-12 are just some of the verses that tell Christians to cast judgment in certain cases.

It’s more than fair to judge those who think, say, that up is down or that men can become women. Applying judgment on behalf of the truth is actually an astoundingly biblical concept.

But perhaps it’s too harsh to “judge” Lilly’s woefully lacking understanding of Jesus’ words.

After all, she still had the intestinal fortitude to actually say that it’s OK for men to be men and women to be women, hewing dangerously close to that “tradition” the left is so leery of.

Lilly got about half of the way there to making a vibrant, biblical statement. Credit where it’s due — that’s still galaxies better than most Hollywood elites.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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