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Mayor Adams’ sad capitulation to the crime-coddling Left

We get why Mayor Eric Adams’ new anti-shoplifting plan is so pathetically lame: It seems like state lawmakers have left him without no sticks available.

So he’s resorting to limp carrots — the pabulum (early intervention, diversion services, conflict resolution) that progressives keep peddling.

It’s time for some imagination.

Start with the one idea in his plan that has a hint of getting tough, namely posting lists of the serial thieves active in a given area.

Yes, our own Bob McManus notes, lists alone are meaningless: Jordan Neely was on the city’s Top 50 roster of mentally ill homeless in need of help.

These crooks are no Jean Valjeans, stealing bread to feed their families.

Some are junkies, others part of pro crews.

So take the list up a notch or 12: Print up posters with mug shots of mega-serial offenders, and urge merchants to call the cops the instant one enters the store.

And instruct every precinct to prioritize those calls, with officers under standing orders to help eject the persona non grata.

Every beat cop can shadow them whenever spotted, too — and call for backup if they think a crew’s at work.

Retail thefts report in the five boroughs have spiked 77% over the past five years and nearly doubled between 2021 and last year.

Track down the druggies’ dealers and let them know these customers come with added risks.

Crack down on street sales of obviously stolen merchandise; ID any and all fences and dog them too.

Heck, do regular home visits to leave no doubt eyes are out.

Get social workers on their case, too: They can lecture about all the services available!

The city knows who these sociopaths are.

It can respect all their legal rights and still make it tough for them to keep on stealing.

If you’re going to crack down, Mr. Mayor, crack down for real.

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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