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Megyn Kelly slams Transformers kids’ show with non-binary characters as ‘disgusting’

Megyn Kelly bashed the popular “Transformers” animated series for airing an episode in which non-binary characters go by they/them and she/they pronouns.

Kelly on Friday responded to a clip of “Transformers: EarthSpark” that was posted to Twitter, saying: “This is DISGUSTING.”

The podcaster — who has three kids between the ages of 9 and 13 — took issue with the cartoon after the Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” posted the clip Thursday.

 “They’re after your kids,” the anti-woke user tweeted.

“Transformers: EarthSpark,” based on the robot toys created by Hasbro, has a core target audience of children aged 2-11 and airs on the streaming channel Paramount+.

In the clip, Nightshade makes an introduction with they/them pronouns to a character named Sam, whose pronouns are she/they.

Sam then shared her fears that “sometimes the world can be a scary place. It’s hard to know who’s dangerous or not.”

She continued: “I know I’m safe when I’m with my friends or other non-binary people.”

When Nightshade then questions what it means to be non-binary, Sam responds: “People who aren’t female or male.”

“What a wonderful word for a wonderful experience,” Nightshade replies.

However, only now is the show spurring backlash from right-wing pundits, including Kelly, who called it “disgusting.”

A clip of the animated children’s show “Transformers: EarthSpark” where character Nightshade shares their pronouns has received harsh criticism on Twitter.

Megyn Kelly denounced the show as “disgusting” while other Twitter users argued that “woke culture ruins everything.”
Twitter/, Megyn Kelly

In less than 24 hours since the 71-second clip was posted on Twitter, its has garnered more than 5.5 million views — and backlash from users arguing that young children need to be protected from conversations surrounding gender and pronouns.

One Twitter user argued that the show “propagandizes them [children] to be afraid of everything,” while another cited the show as an example that “parents have to pre-watch anything their kid sees these days.”

Another argued that “woke culture ruins everything,” noting the shift between “Transformers: EarthSpark” and the “‘Transformers: The Movie,’ where Megatron murdered Ironhide by shooting him in the face with his arm cannon.”

In the clip, character Sam -- who identifies as she/they -- shared that "the world can be a scary place (but) I know I'm safe when I'm with my friends or other non-binary people."
In the clip, character Sam — who identifies as she/they — shared that “the world can be a scary place (but) I know I’m safe when I’m with my friends or other non-binary people.”

Nickelodeon and Paramount+ didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The show is a reboot of the famed 1980s cartoon about Autobots and Decepticons. The first 18-episode season debuted on Paramount+ in November 2022.

Kelly’s tweet condemning the children’s show comes on the heels of her slamming the Navy’s use of an active-duty drag queen enlistee to be the military branch’s “digital ambassador” to attract recruits.

She said that whoever approved the decision “lost their minds,” adding that “this is not somebody anybody wants in a foxhole with them,” during a broadcast of her SiriusXM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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