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Michelle Obama sings backup for Bruce Springsteen in Spain

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have a new backup singer: Michelle Obama.

While attending a Springsteen concert in Barcelona, Spain, over the weekend, the former first lady — tambourine in hand — joined the rock musician onstage for at least one song. In videos posted on social media, Obama can be seen jamming with Springsteen and his band during their performance of “Glory Days.”

After stepping in time and shaking her tambourine alongside her fellow backup singers, Obama shares a brief but sweet moment with Springsteen toward the center of the stage.

Additional footage shows the attorney, “Becoming” author and philanthropist dancing with her husband, former President Obama, in the audience.

According to Reuters, the Obamas and Springsteen recently traveled to Barcelona with filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his wife, actor Kate Capshaw, who also sang a little backup during the concert. The star-studded group of tourists reportedly visited some of the city’s most famous cultural sites, including the Sagrada Família basilica and the Picasso museum, during their trip.

Springsteen performed Friday at Barcelona’s Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium as part of his 2023 world tour, which is coming to San Diego, Inglewood and San Francisco in December.

The Obamas have maintained a close personal and professional relationship with Springsteen since the musician endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008 and again in 2012.

After showing his support on the campaign trail, the “Dancing in the Dark” hitmaker reunited with the trailblazing politician post-presidency to co-host a podcast and publish a book — both titled “Renegades: Born in the USA.” Barack Obama also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Springsteen in 2016.

“Over the years, what we’ve found is that we’ve got a shared sensibility. About work, about family, and about America,” Obama wrote in an excerpt from the beginning of the book.

“In our own ways, Bruce and I have been on parallel journeys trying to understand this country that’s given us both so much,” he wrote. “Trying to chronicle the stories of its people. Looking for a way to connect our own individual searches for meaning and truth and community with the larger story of America.”

This story originally appeared on LA Times

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