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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Goes Nuts Over Bans on Sex Change Treatments For Minors: ‘It is NONE of Your GODDAMN Business!’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

MSNBC host Chris Hayes went nuts on air over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ fight against sex change procedures and operations being offered to minors.

At one point during Thursday night’s episode of All In with Chris Hayes, the liberal pundit shouted, “It is NONE of your GODDAMN business!”

Last week, DeSantis signed legislation banning sex change prescriptions and surgeries for minors.

In response, the liberal media lost their minds.

Hayes’ rant began, “Ron DeSantis’s dystopian. authoritarian vision is most apparent in the legislation he just signed yesterday. It bans all gender-affirming care for all minors in Florida, everyone 18 or younger.”

“That law also empowers state courts to change custody agreements if a child is receiving or is at risk of receiving gender-affirming care. Meaning taking a kid away from a parent,” Hayes continued. “Telling parents how they can or cannot raise their own children is among the most authoritarian things that government can do. And now that is exactly what Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party in Florida and generally the conservative movement that endorses this are doing purely for ideological and punitive purposes.”

Prescriptions provided for sex change treatments can result in permanent sterilization, but that does not seem to be a concern for Hayes.

“Now, the sick irony here, the one that I just can’t get over and really kind of sticks with me, is that the right-wing movement that gave us this new law signed yesterday is the very same group of people that screamed about parental rights for years amidst the pandemic,” Hayes continued. “I get to say whether my kid wears a mask, I get to say whether my kid gets vaccinated. I get to say whether my kid goes to school. And Ron DeSantis was the public face of that movement.”

The liberal host complained that DeSantis supports parental rights in education but does not support sex changes.

Hayes continued, “Think about what this means right now as I’m speaking to their parents and families in Florida who have decided as a family, as parents, along with their doctors, that this health care, gender-affirming care, is the best care for their kids. You may not like it! But you know what? It’s none of your, excuse me, goddamn business! To me, that is what the courage to be free means. Freedom means that in my household, our family decides what kind of health care our child does or does not get! Not Ron DeSantis! Not the Republican Party. But that is no longer the case in Florida.”

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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