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New Blade Museum Pose Statue Unveiled By Premium Collectibles Studio [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant is happy to reveal a first look at a new Blade collectible statue from Premium Collectibles Studio. This Blade 1:3 Museum Pose collectible statue is a unique take on the iconic character, based on the vampire hunter’s look in the game Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Pre-orders for the statue begin on May 25th. Blade himself has long been a popular Marvel Comics character and has been the subject of a beloved trilogy of films as well as an upcoming Blade MCU reboot.


The 1998 Wesley Snipes-led Blade film shot the character of Blade into the mainstream and, in many ways, became a template for the modern superhero film. Blade II is widely regarded as an even better film than the original, upping the action and the humor of the original series. Since the 2004 trilogy capper Blade: Trinity, Blade has been conspicuously absent from the big screen. Luckily, that is soon set to change with the MCU’s introduction of the character.

A Closer Look at the Blade 1:3 Museum Statue

The Blade 1:3 Museum Statue stands 29 inches tall and recreates Blade’s iconic look complete with his black and red jacket. Details abound in the statue, which boasts a meticulously designed pedestal base, realistic leather textures on the jacket, and a metallic sheen on its weapons and body armor. The museum-style pose of the statue also puts the character’s unmistakable silhouette on full display.

Customization and options are also available with the Premium Collectibles Studio’s Blade 1:3 Museum Statue. There are two portraits available; on one, Blade has an angry expression and his signature sunglasses, and in the other, he is stone-faced with no glasses. Premium Collectibles Studio’s Platinum Exclusive Version of Blade even boasts a swap-out left hand that can be fitted with a silver stake or a glaive. This statue is a great fit for longtime fans of the character, especially those waiting for Blade’s impact on the MCU when the Mahershala Ali-led Blade film is finally released.

Premium Collectibles Studio has offered detailed 3D sculptures of beloved film, comic, and game characters for over a decade, representing a range of franchises that stretches from Street Fighter to Scream. Premium Collectibles Studio has also represented real-world figures such as the musical icon Prince in recent collections. The company has even made another Blade figurine in the past, also based on the character’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns appearance.

Get a Blade 1:3 Museum Statue here, and check out the PCS website for more options.

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