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New Dr Pepper ice cream flavor freezes out fans: ‘Disappointing’

This bubbly, new concoction sounds soda-licious.

A debate is popping off and fizzing up on social media over Blue Bell’s new ice cream flavor: Dr Pepper Float.

The brand announced Thursday that it has partnered with the pop purveyor to create a brand new taste for frosty gelato lovers everywhere.

Dr Pepper — created in 1885, in Waco, Texas — is swirled into mountains of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream to produce the summer splurge, which is available in both half-gallon and pint sizes in the 23 states where Blue Bell ice cream is sold.

But the sweet taste has some fans coming up dry, with foodies across the platform feeling divided over the carbonated creation.

Someone suggested that the soda essence that was infused should have been root beer instead of Dr Pepper.

“I’ll try it out, but it’s going to be hard to beat a Coke float,” one also chimed in, showing a picture of a sugary Coca-Cola float.

Another person added: “I am a huge fan of doctor pepper but it is actually kinda disappointing to see so many new things when there are classics that haven’t been brought back yet.”

“Great. Definitely going to give this a try,” an enthusiastic fan wrote. “You need to do a root beer or coke float that is more common and iconic,” one other person weighed in.

“This is the best idea in ice cream that anyone has ever come up with,” a tweeter gushed, with another calling the collaboration a “game-changer.”

Yet another person added: “What?! Mind blown! [I] must try now!”

But one angry taster panned the frozen formulation: “Well, you finally made a flavor I don’t want to try.”

Blue Bell’s vanilla ice cream is mixed with Dr Pepper to create a sweet concoction.
Blue Bell Ice Cream

The new flavor is available in 23 states that carry Blue Bell ice cream.
The new flavor is available in 23 states that carry Blue Bell ice cream.
Blue Bell Ice Cream

Others were sad that Blue Bell — founded in 1907 in Brenham, Texas, and named after the state’s bluebell wildflower — wasn’t going to bring back favorites like Red Velvet Cake flavor and Bombstik pops.

“The best ice cream floats are made with Dr Pepper poured over a few scoops of Blue Bell,” said Jimmy Lawhorn, Blue Bell vice president of sales and marketing. “Why not put a spin on this popular treat and create our own version?”

“You may find yourself reaching for a soda glass instead of a bowl,” he added.

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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