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[PHOTOS] ‘A Million Little Things’ Finale Time Jump Character Looks

Time heals all wounds… and witnesses some truly epic hairdos.

Wednesday’s series finale of A Million Little Things softened the sad ending of Gary’s cancer journey with a flash-forward that showed us where his friends and family ended up 15 years after his death. (Read a full recap, hear what the show’s executive producers had to say about that controversial story choice and find out why a sexy scene didn’t make it into the hour.)

Much of the episode-ending time jump took place at a 16th birthday party for Javi, hosted by Rome and Regina. All of the surviving Friends of Jon were in attendance, as were some aged-up characters (Theo, Charlie and the birthday boy himself) and a couple of new ones (Greta and Katherine’s daughter Lana, Danny’s husband). While it made us happy to see that the group of pals was still tight a decade-and-a-half later, it delighted us to see the aesthetic some of them had adopted in the intervening years.

Ahead of the finale’s airing, series creator DJ Nash told TVLine that the cast had some say in what their alter egos would look like in the future.

“To me, because I knew how short it would live on camera, it was really a question of ‘What would you like to look like?” he said, laughing. “But also, “We need to know it’s you, right?’”

Below, we’ve gathered photos of the A Million Little Things cast members in their flash-forward forms. Take a look through the lewks, vote in our poll at the bottom of this post, then hit the comments: Whose finale look was your favorite? 

This story originally appeared on TVLine

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