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[PHOTOS] ‘Survivor’: All 44 Seasons Ranked

A brand-new Sole Survivor has been crowned, which means it’s time to rank Season 44 against those that came before it!

In Wednesday’s season finale, Yam Yam Arocho defeated Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt and Carolyn Wiger by a jury vote of 7-1-0, making him the series’ 44th winner and the recipient of the $1 million check. (Read a full recap here.) But how will the fourth season in the game’s new era fare in our comprehensive ranking?

From casts we’ve loved and loathed, to real-life controversies that overshadowed the game (Island of the Idols, anyone?), there are plenty of reasons why some Survivor seasons may be remembered more fondly than others. But those aren’t the only criteria taken into consideration below. Here, we dissect all of the series’ tweaks, advantages, themes and more throughout the years in order to rank all 44 seasons, and make the ultimate declaration of the best Survivor season(s) ever.

A bit of housekeeping: This ranking can and will shift as we see fit! Not only has Season 44 been thrown into the mix below, but subsequent rewatches of classic seasons will often shake things up. Plus, weighing how seasons age throughout the years also affects things each and every time we review our list.

Ready to revisit the thrills of seasons past and find out where 44 landed? Scroll down to view our ranked list, then be sure to hit the comments to let us know where you would place Survivor 44!

This story originally appeared on TVLine

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