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Popular The Flash Villain Confirmed to be Part of Series Finale

The Flash will come to an end on May 24, with the premiere of episode number 13 of the current ninth season, which will be the last for the Arrowverse show led by Grant Gustin.

As expected, Barry Allen will have to face several enemies before saying goodbye to The CW screen, including one that was part of the project from the very beginning. This was confirmed by the series’ showrunner Eric Wallace.

In a chat with EW, Wallace revealed that Tom Cavanagh will be returning as the Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne.:

“This is Barry Allen’s final race, so you can’t tell that story without including his most infamous adversary: The Reverse-Flash. And having brilliantly played the character since Season 1, bringing Tom back as our show concludes its run was always part of the plan. Tom’s exciting portrayal of Eobard Thawne has been unforgettable for nine years and fans will be delighted to know that he’s brought that same wonderful intensity to our finale, too.”

Cavanagh not only played Thawne in the series, he had various characters or rather various versions of Dr. Harrison Wells throughout several seasons, as an indispensable member of Team Flash. However, his participation in the first installment of the show as the Reverse-Flash hiding behind Wells’s identity was one of the best story arcs of the entire show, so including him in the finale will be of great value to fans.


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What to Expect from The Flash Final Episode

The CW

Check out the official synopsis of The Flash finale released by The CW:

“The Flash (Grant Gustin), the fastest man alive, is tasked with his greatest challenge yet, to save the timeline and save existence. Friends old and new gather for an epic battle to save Central City, one last time.”

The description doesn’t give much away, since the team probably wants to surprise the audience with Barry’s Last adventure, but fans can expect some other special appearances and Easter-Eggs related to the series mythology. In fact, some other actors who’ve been part of the show have already returned for the last season.

On episode nine, Stephen Amell made his triumphal return as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow three years after the end of his own series, Arrow, which was the founder of the DC Universe on TV.

Premiered in 2014, the series rapidly became the most acclaimed one within the Arrowverse, specially thanks to Gustin’s portrayal of the heroe, who many fans even wanted to see playing the character in the movies before Ezra Miller got the role.

The end of The Flash will be divided into four parts, and the first was already broadcast through the network on May 3, so there are only three episodes left for the Scarlet Speedster’s career to come to an end, at least in television.

On the big screen, fans will once again be able to see Miller’s version of Barry in June, when Andy Muschietti’s The Flash hits theaters and reboots the DC universe to welcome James Gunn’s vision on the franchise.

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