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President Trump’s Team Explains the Strategy that Helped Him Completely Dominate CNN Town Hall and Reveals There are More Town Hall Events in the Works | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump’s masterful performance at the CNN Town hall last Wednesday caught some by surprise, especially haters of the former President.

He shut down host Kaitlan Collins’ feeble attempts to bully him on subjects ranging from J6, Ukraine, his legal matters, abortion, and more.

The domination was so thorough that the failing “news” network had to cut the townhall short by 20 minutes to stop the rout.

It turns out Trump and his team had a bit of a secret weapon up their sleeves. This strategy involved Trump’s former favored avenue of communication.

A report from Axios revealed that Trump’s advisers utilized Twitter to gauge his performance in real-time as he decimated Collins and thrilled the audience.

The outlet noted Trump was shown tweets during the first commercial break that showed Collins’ cheap shots, interruptions, and gotcha questions were failing to hurt him.

These tweets included meltdowns from AOC and the disgraced Lincoln Project.

Another tweet that Team Trump showed to their man was one from former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

This #CNNTownhall is shaping up to be a clear win for Trump, certainly in the Republican field and probably overall.

Emboldened by these responses, Trump decided to continue running over Collins and focus on connecting with viewers back at home.

An anonymous Trump confidant gleefully told Axios: “He was leader of the free world again.”

In large part due to the extraordinary success of the CNN Townhall, Team Trump is now in talks with multiple other networks regarding interviews and additional townhall events.

For fans of Trump, this is news that should be welcomed with open arms.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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