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Prisoner to would-be president: The rise of Wagner’s Yevgeny Prigozhin | World News

The Wagner Group of mercenaries has been fighting in Ukraine since Russia’s first invasion in 2014, but very little was known about the group, or its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, until the end of 2022 when he began speaking publicly.

As the UK and EU prepare to declare the Wagner Group a terror organisation, is the mercenary group, and Prigozhin himself, becoming a liability for the Kremlin?

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson asks about what we know of the shadowy head of Wagner, with Samantha de Bendern, associate fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and takes a closer look at the role Wagner Group is playing in the invasion of Ukraine with Joana de Deus Pereira, senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute Europe.

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Podcast producer: Rosie Gillott
Interviews producer: Alex Edden
Editor: Philly Beaumont

This story originally appeared on Skynews

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