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Pro-Drag Students at Loyola University Chicago Yell “I Hate Catholics” at Protestors | The Gateway Pundit

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In April, three students at Loyola University Chicago held a protest in opposition to a drag show on the campus of the Catholic university.

Loyola’s Department of Programming shared on Instagram, “Join DOP and Rainbow Connection at Drag Race! Come as a performer or audience! This is a show for all drag performers, not just queens or kings. All skill levels are encouraged and beginners or duet acts are welcomed! Check out our stories and @rainbow_connection_luc bio for sign up link!”

The post appears to have had comments turned off.

Campus Reform shared newly obtained video and audio footage of the protest showing the protesters being harassed and yelled at by their classmates who screamed, “Show your face!” and “Turn around b***h!” and “I hate Catholic people.”


Campus Reform reports: 

Another student was caught on an exclusive audio recording saying “I hate Catholic people,” which elicited cheers from fellow protesters. Moments after this interaction, the audio recording picks up what sounds like a counter-protester stealing posters from the group of students.

Similarly, student protestor Matthew McKenna said he decided to protest because other forms of activism, including handwritten signatures from students and professors, were deemed ineffective.

“The level of blasphemy which Loyola allowed for and directly funded with student dollars was intolerable and abominable,” McKenna told Campus Reform. “The protest served primarily as a message against this as well as a message against Loyola’s continual disregard for its own mission clauses and for the authority of the bishops and especially the Vatican.”

Video footage:

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