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‘Queen Charlotte’ Finale Recap: ‘Bridgerton’ Spinoff Broke Our Hearts

Queen Charlotte showrunner and writer Shonda Rhimes must answer for her crimes.

We weren’t emotionally prepared for the Bridgerton spinoff’s devastating finale, which solidified Charlotte and George’s enduring romance — and left us in utter shambles.

George, desperate for a cure to his mental illness, endured literal torture and pushed Charlotte away at every turn. It wasn’t until Charlotte witnessed one of his sessions that she understood why he kept her at arm’s length. He was trying to protect her, but Charlotte didn’t want that. She yearned to be with her husband and made that perfectly clear when she confronted him at his Kew estate.

Charlotte demanded that George tell her he didn’t love her so she could walk away and raise their child in peace. But the king could not bring himself to say that, nor would he admit how he truly felt. He was too ashamed of his illness. Charlotte pressed him again, and he finally caved.

“From the moment I saw you trying to go over the wall, I have loved you desperately,” he declared. “I cannot breathe when you are not near. I love you, Charlotte. My heart calls your name.”

That was the first of many heartbreaks throughout the episode. Read on below for the other moments that left us an emotional wreck, and a few that made us swoon.

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