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Rachel Maddow Connects Trump And White Supremacist Mass Shootings

Rachel Maddow connected the Trumps courting anti-Semites and the wave of white supremacist mass shootings.


Maddow said:

They don’t just happen to be connected in the news. They’re connected. The Buffalo white supremacist mass murder, El Paso white supremacist mass murder, the Pittsburgh white supremacist mass murder. Now it appears the Allen, Texas white supremacist mass murder. In a nation recoiling and ashamed and disgusted, there is also these apparent connections, right?

Between these bleeding, ragged right-wing mass violence and the bleeding ragged right-wing edge of politics. The most mainstream possible electoral Republican politics. The most mainstream, most successful right-wing media as well. But also this former president and his family and his former officials, and the way he is currently running for president again. They’re inviting literal Hitler was right outspoken anti-Semites putting Stars of David, Jewish stars on the heads of their enemies telling people, that’s who we need to be going after. They’re inviting people like that to their events with the highest members of their government, and it is all happening while that person is running for president again.

And it is happening amid this unrelenting wave of white supremacist-motivated mass murder. Are those two things separate? Are those two things just very disturbing parallel tracks that will never meet and that have never met? Or is one of these an anchor for the other? Does the fact that both of these are happening at once in our country frankly accelerate them both? Accelerate the racial radicalism and anti-Seitism as a political tool and just accelerate the violence in the streets. Do they work together, and if so, how? If they do work together, how do we stop it?

While CNN elevates Trump by giving him a national town hall in primetime, Rachel Maddow is telling the truth about Trump’s courting of white nationalists and anti-Semites.

CNN is trying to normalize Trump and treat him like just another candidate. CNN would prefer that you please ignore the racism and bigotry that Trump and his kids are literally hosting.

There were anti-Semities and white supremacists in the Republican Party long before Trump, but the failed former president has brought them to the surface and has emboldened them.

Rachel Maddow went to the place that CNN never will by connecting Trump and the white supremacist company that he keeps.

This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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