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Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is the latest installment in the popular Indiana Jones franchise, and here’s everything we know about Indiana Jones 5 updates so far. The Indiana Jones legacy began with 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, then continued with 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The latest Indiana Jones 5 updates finally saw the title of the film released with the trailer in December 2022.

Disney has confirmed that this will be the final adventure for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and will end the beloved franchise for good. Steven Spielberg, who helmed the previous four movies in the series, was originally set to call the shots once again, but there’s since been a shakeup behind the scenes after years of delays. Can Ford’s Indy still provide the same action and adventure thrills he used to in Indiana Jones 5? That remains to be seen, but for now, here are the latest Indiana Jones 5 updates regarding casting, trailers, release date, and more.

The Latest Indiana Jones 5 News

James Mangold will be directing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, marking the first time an Indiana Jones movie will not be helmed by Steven Spielberg. Certainly, it is a lot of pressure for a director to step into both the shoes of one of the most celebrated filmmakers of all time and the world of one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time. However, Mangold seems up for the task and has teased some Indiana Jones 5 updates, including that the opening scene of the new movie will be a 25-minute-long action scene featuring a de-aged Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Mangold revealed that the de-aged Indy is built from live-action footage. Harrison Ford shot the scenes, with CGI then used to de-age him to 35. However, it was the technology that amazed the director because he could see the footage with a new head digitally placed on Ford just two days after shooting the scene. With that said, he didn’t concern himself with the technology. “I just focused on shooting what’s [approximately] a 25-minute opening extravaganza that was my chance to just let it rip. The goal was to give the audience a full-bodied taste of what they missed so much” (via Total Film).

In other Indiana Jones 5 updates, there was hope that a beloved character from the past might make his return. The franchise has not seen Short Round since Temple of Doom. However, with Ke Huy Quan winning an Oscar this year for his role in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, there is a fan movement to see him return to the franchise. Sadly, Quan squashed the Indiana Jones rumors quickly. “I want to say [yes], but no. Here’s the thing. I don’t want to disappoint the fans. I’ve joked about it all the time, but reuniting with Harrison after 38 years, that was very special.

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date

Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Indiana Jones 5.

To say that Indiana Jones 5 has had a rocky road to production would be an understatement. The sequel has been pushed back and delayed numerous times, and has also gone through multiple writers. However, the newest Indiana Jones 5 updates confirm that the film will release in theaters on June 30th, 2023. After numerous setbacks and hiatus’ regarding the Indiana Jones 5 release date, the June 30, 2023 slot is set in stone. Indiana Jones 5 updates also confirmed Indiana Jones 5‘s runtime will be 2 hours and 22 minutes, making it the longest entry in the franchise, and it will be rated PG-13.

Indiana Jones 5 Cast

Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a cavern in Indiana Jones 5.

Hollywood is no stranger to recasting iconic roles (see: Batman, James Bond), but only one man has portrayed Indiana Jones since the franchise started back in 1981. Living legend Harrison Ford will play the character for the fifth and final time, according to the newest Indiana Jones 5 updates. Though in the earliest stages of development there was talk Chris Pratt would headline a reboot, both Steven Spielberg and producer Frank Marshall went on record to state Ford will not be replaced. Indiana Jones 5 concludes Ford’s unofficial “legacy sequel” trilogy, following Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Blade Runner 2049.

The previous Indiana Jones films were well-known for their supporting casts, giving the archeologist memorable allies (Sallah, Marion, Short Round) and menacing villains (Belloq, the Nazis). In Indiana Jones 5, Ford will be joined by Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who will play his goddaughter Helena, while Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen has been cast as the villainous Voller, who is inspired by real-life Nazi-turned-NASA-engineer Wernher von Braun. Boyd Holbrook (The Predator) has also been confirmed to be playing Klaber, a close associate of Voller.

Indiana Jones 5 updates confirm that Shia LaBeouf will not reprise Mutt Williams, Indy’s son who debuted to mixed results in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On the flip side, John Rhys-Davies returns to the screen as Sallah since appearing in The Last Crusade. Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron) has been cast in an undisclosed role, but fellow Marvel star Shaunette Renée Wilson (Black Panther) will be playing government agent Mason. Both Toby Jones (The Hunger Games) and Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro) have been cast in Indiana Jones 5, but their roles are unknown. Finally, it doesn’t look as though Karen Allen’s Marion Ravenwood will be making a return.

Indiana Jones 5 Story Details

Harrison Ford won't die in Indiana Jones 5

So far, no official details about Indiana Jones 5‘s story have been released outside of the trailer. Several writers have taken passes at the sequel’s script this point, including Crystal Skull writer David Koepp, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, and Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan. Mangold confirmed he was co-writing the screenplay with Jeremy Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth. And, with as massive a franchise as Indiana Jones is, one assumes Disney will try to go the Marvel Studios route on this one and keep things mysterious for as long as possible.

The latest Indiana Jones 5 updates confirm that Indy and Helena will find themselves on a fast-paced (time traveling?) adventure to hunt down the latest MacGuffin known as the dial of destiny. Voller will also be looking to find the mysterious dial of destiny, with the only reason revealed by Mads Mikkelsen being “He’s a man who would like to correct some of the mistakes of the past,” (via DigitalSpy). Indiana Jones 5 is supposed to take place in the 1960s, decades after WWII, but the de-aging technology used on Harrison Ford suggests that there will either be a hefty amount of flashbacks, or time travel could be involved in some capacity.

When Harrison Ford returned to the Star Wars franchise for Episode VII, many assumed Han Solo would meet his end (which is precisely what happened). However, something similar will not be in the cards for Indiana Jones 5. The only aspect of the story Spielberg was willing to reveal is that he is not killing Indiana Jones, meaning the archeologist should have (another) happy ending after riding off into the sunset and getting married.

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Helena Shaw peering from behind door in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

The newest Indiana Jones 5 updates include a trailer for the movie, which sees Harrison Ford back in action as the beloved character. The Indiana Jones 5 trailer starts out with a voiceover from Sallah intercut with various scenes such as a high-speed chase throughout the desert, an underwater excursion, Indy teaching a class, and ending with Indy basically telling him his adventures are over. The Indiana Jones 5 trailer doesn’t give much away about the plot of the film, but it does give some great first looks at Helena, Voller, and both young and current Indiana Jones as he goes on an epic final adventure.

James Mangold Will Direct Indiana Jones 5

James Mangold at TIFF for Ford v Ferrari

In stark contrast to Star Wars, this Lucasfilm action-adventure series has been helmed by a single filmmaker from day one. Steven Spielberg called the shots on the first four, but surprisingly, the latest Indiana Jones 5 updates reveal he won’t be returning for a fifth go-around. When Disney announced Indiana Jones 5, Ford and Spielberg were the two main players attached. Now, Spielberg has bowed out, with Logan helmer James Mangold set to take over as director. Spielberg will remain onboard as a producer though.

George Lucas Is Not Involved

George Lucas directing Anthony Daniels as C-3PO in Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace

Raiders of the Lost Ark was the brainchild of Spielberg and George Lucas, and the dynamic duo collaborated on the first three sequels. But after selling Lucasfilm to Disney, Indiana Jones 5 updates confirm Lucas is now retired from filmmaking and no longer involved in the storytelling aspects of the upcoming film. Since it was Lucas who pushed for the sci-fi elements that derailed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this development is arguably for the best.

John Williams Is Composing The Score

Composer John Williams at work.

While Lucas isn’t coming back, producer Spielberg is set to reunite once again with his old friend, composer John Williams, the latest Indiana Jones 5 updates reveal. The two have been working together since the 1970s, with Williams’ music brilliantly complementing Spielberg’s sensibilities as a filmmaker – including the now-iconic main Indiana Jones theme. Williams continues to deliver outstanding work, earning Oscar nominations for Force Awakens and The Last Jedi in recent years. Hopefully, he’s got another great score left in him.

Indiana Jones 5 Is A Continuation Of The Series

Indiana Jones, Mutt and Marion in a truck in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The Indiana Jones franchise sneakily made one of the best movie prequels in Temple of Doom, which, in-universe, is set one year before Raiders. The creative team won’t be utilizing that approach for the fifth installment though, as Indiana Jones 5 updates and producer Frank Marshall stated it’ll be a “continuation” of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull story. This doesn’t necessarily mean Indy 5 will be a direct sequel, but it reads as confirmation the film will take place after Crystal Skull. Given LaBeouf isn’t coming back, there may not be that much connective tissue.

Indiana Jones 5 Is The End Of The Franchise

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones Poster

Lucasfilm may have brought back the Star Wars franchise in a big way, expanding the films beyond the Skywalker family saga to make spinoffs like Rogue One and Solo. However, it sounds like the Indiana Jones property won’t be following suit despite Disney’s Bob Iger saying he hoped Indiana Jones 5 wouldn’t just be a one-off and that there’d be more down the line. However, as of the latest Indiana Jones 5 updates in December 2020, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed the fifth installment would be the last.

Disney’s Deal With Paramount For Indiana Jones 5

Ninja Turtles Easter Egg Star Paramount Logo

The first four Indiana Jones films were released by Paramount, but with Lucasfilm now a Disney subsidiary, the Mouse House will distribute Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. In order to gain full control over production of future Indiana Jones projects, Disney and Paramount had to make a deal. Under the terms of the agreement, Paramount will receive a slice of the pie from any theatrically released Indiana Jones film.

Key Release Dates

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