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Review: W Toronto | Prince of Travel

The W Toronto is one of the newest properties in the Marriott portfolio, having opened in July 2022 after nearly two years of delays. Formerly a standard-issue Marriott hotel, the building is now home to Canada’s second W, following in the footsteps of its sister property in Montreal.

I’ve enjoyed many stays at W properties around the world thus far, and I’m always impressed by the dynamic and design-forward interiors.

My first stay at this property was in advance of The Travel Summit in October 2022. The hotel generously offered to host me in a WOW Suite on a subsequent visit, and this review has been updated to reflect both experiences.

W Toronto – Booking

At the time of my stay, it was much more favourable to book with points over cash at the W Toronto. I booked this property for 45,000 Bonvoy points during the “Week of Wonders” promotion, which is amongst the lowest redemption costs you’ll be able to find.

An award booking at the W Toronto typically falls in the range of 45,000–60,000 Bonvoy points per night, with a bit of leeway on either side. On the other hand, regular cash rates hover between $480–600 (CAD) per night for a standard room, but during busier periods, they can climb to well over $800 (CAD).

With our valuation of Bonvoy points at 0.9 cents per point (CAD), redeeming points can certainly be advantageous, especially when cash rates are on the higher side. Likewise, this could be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of a topped-up Free Night Award worth 35,000 points, should the nightly rate fall at or below 50,000 Bonvoy points.

This property participates in Marriott Luminous, which is Marriott’s preferred partner program. By booking the W Toronto through an authorized travel advisor, you’ll enjoy elite-level perks such as free breakfast, a $100 (USD) hotel credit, room upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out (subject to availability) at the same rate you’d find by booking directly with the hotel.

W Toronto – Location

The W Toronto spans 11 stories of a multi-use complex on Bloor Street, just minutes away from the upscale Yorkville neighbourhood.

The W Toronto’s location is ideal for anyone who wishes to spend time browsing shops, dining in trendy restaurants, or admiring nearby charming Victorian homes.

Union Station and its nearby attractions are a moderate distance from this area by foot, but can be easily reached using the nearby subway. The Public School Coffee House, located on the ground floor of the W Toronto, conveniently offers direct access to the Bloor-Yonge TTC station without the need to exit the building – a notable benefit during the colder months.

From the hotel, it takes about 10–15 minutes on the subway to reach many of Toronto’s key attractions, such as Eaton Centre, Scotiabank Arena, Rogers Centre, or the CN Tower. Meanwhile, the Village of Yorkville Park and Royal Ontario Museum are roughly 10–15 minutes away by foot.

From Toronto Pearson Airport, the Union Pearson Express train stops at Dundas West Station, where you can then connect to the TTC to reach Bloor-Yonge Station.

By vehicle, passengers can reach either Toronto Pearson or Billy Bishop Airport in around 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

W Toronto – Check-in

As I strolled up to the W Toronto in the early afternoon, I had no issues locating the hotel, as the building’s entrance is adorned by a whimsical W sign – the iconic symbol of the brand.

W Toronto – Exterior
W Toronto – Entrance
W Toronto – Vehicle entrance

The building’s ultra-modern façade is done with staggered panels over a white stone-clad background, differentiating itself from its concrete neighbours. At night, the hotel is illuminated by warm LED lighting throughout, and a glowing elevator shuttling guests to the rooftop bar behind transparent panels.

The pedestrian and vehicle entrances are both located on Bloor Street. Entering through the pedestrian entrance, I found myself in the Public School Coffee House, the hotel’s semi-independent café.

W Toronto – Public School Coffee House

I then made my way to the sixth floor, where check-in and “The Living Room”, the W’s term for lobby lounge, are located.

Each W hotel has its own unique interpretation of The Living Room in lieu of a standard lobby. At the W Toronto, The Living Room has distinct spaces for working, socializing, and relaxing.

I got the immediate sense of the hotel’s boldness in design, mimicking a 1970s Yorkville atmosphere. Notable in the space are dramatic acrylic light fixtures that hang over a central bar, as well as the plush, vibrant orange seating dotted around.

W Toronto – The Living Room bar
W Toronto – The Living Room seating
W Toronto – The Living Room seating

In one corner, circular sofas wrap around a striking freestanding fire pit.

W Toronto – The Living Room fireplace

A fully equipped recording studio, the “W Sound Suite”, is hidden behind a tinted window. Music is a major influence in the design of the W Toronto, so much so that the hotel has an in-house music label.

W Toronto – W Sound Suite

Accessible from The Living Room is an attractive outdoor mini courtyard in between a five-storey atrium made of guest room windows.

W Toronto – Atrium entrance from The Living Room
W Toronto – Atrium
W Toronto – Atrium

Lastly, an extra luxurious touch that’s also found in the W Montreal is a Moët & Chandon vending machine.

W Toronto – Moët & Chandon vending machine

I made my way over to a set of curved reflective check-in desks that were backed by large red panels. The check-in associate welcomed me as a Titanium Elite member, and confirmed an upgrade to the Studio Suite, which was to be ready at 3pm.

W Toronto – Check-in desks

The hotel has multiple types of Studio Suites of varying sizes, so I kindly asked for one of the larger ones. Much to my delight, the request was granted.

The Fantastic Suite is another popular type of suite with a living room that’s a bit more separate from the bedroom, but is otherwise comparable in square footage to the Studio Suite. Early in 2023, the WOW and Extreme WOW Suites will be ready, and I look forward to checking them out in due course.

Next up, I was informed that my elite breakfast benefit took the form of a $40 breakfast credit, based on double occupancy, totalling $80 for two people.

Once my suite was ready, I was handed my keys and headed over to the elevator lobby, which was decked out with colourful and spirited patterns. I headed up to the 9th floor, where I’d find Room 942, my home for the night.

W Toronto – Elevator lobby

W Toronto – Studio Suite

Stepping off the elevator, I was greeted by a stark hallway with a tunnel-like ambiance. These bright and illuminated hallways reflect a direction that the W brand is moving towards, which seems to be more of a design-forward lifestyle scene and less of a dim nightclub atmosphere.

W Toronto – Hallway
W Toronto – Room 942

The suite is quite spacious, with a nice open-concept area hosting both the bedroom and a small lounging area. It has dramatic deep-blue features, as well as musically inspired touches, such as record player tabletops and stage lighting.

W Toronto – Studio Suite room overview
W Toronto – Studio Suite room overview

The bed, under-lit by warm, glowing light, is placed at the back of the suite, with a sapphire velvet curtain behind. To the right of the bed is an armchair with a stool and table next to the window.

W Toronto – Studio Suite bed
W Toronto – Studio Suite armchair

Midway into the suite, a small reading chair sits on the right-hand wall with an ottoman opposite from the flat-screen TV.

To the left of the TV is a pantry with a coffee maker, minibar, and a spacious closet.

W Toronto – Studio Suite minibar & closet
W Toronto – Studio Suite minibar

In the nearest right-hand corner are a curved banquette with a table in front, and a small side table to the left. Upon my arrival, this is where I found some sparkling wine as a welcome gift.

W Toronto – Studio Suite banquette seating
W Toronto – Studio Suite welcome gift

The bathrooms offer relatively little privacy, a common theme at W hotels, with the layout simply being an extension of the main area.

W Toronto – Studio Suite bathroom

There’s a single dressing-room style vanity with granite countertops and LED mirrors.

W Toronto – Studio Suite bathroom
W Toronto – Studio Suite vanity

The toilet and shower are housed within their own enclosure, and I noticed that the toilet space has lovely floral-patterned wallpaper.

W Toronto – Studio Suite toilet
W Toronto – Studio Suite shower

In addition to my own Studio Suite, I also had the chance to tour one of the Studio Suites that came with a slightly different layout.

Here, you’ll find a king bed that sits near the left-hand wall, with an armchair, ottoman, and flat-screen TV at its foot.

W Toronto – Studio Suite room overview
W Toronto – Studio Suite bedroom

Located near the windows lies the banquettes, a centre table, a small side table, and an ottoman to its right. The windows afford views of the interior courtyard.

W Toronto – Studio Suite banquette seating
W Toronto – Studio Suite minibar
W Toronto – Studio Suite courtyard view

The bathroom features a double vanity, rather than a single one, but has an otherwise identical design to the other room types.

W Toronto – Studio Suite bathroom

W Toronto – WOW Suite

During a recent visit to the W Toronto, I had the pleasure of staying at the WOW Suite as the property generously hosted for a night.

Upon my arrival, I was assigned Room 1124.

The WOW Suite boasts an open-concept design that spans 1,090 square feet, but is strategically divided into separate rooms. The overall aesthetic is marked by a contemporary style, which is complemented by tasteful touches of colour and artwork by local artists.

W Toronto – WOW Suite foyer
W Toronto – WOW Suite foyer

Upon entering the living area, you’re greeted by an expansive and lively space with a swanky and playful vibe. The colour palette features a bold combination of pink, orange, and purple hues, infusing the room with energy and character.

In the living area, the focal point is a lengthy sectional sofa, accompanied by a two-tiered coffee table and an armchair with an ottoman.

W Toronto – WOW Suite living area
W Toronto – WOW Suite living area

Stage-style lights are placed strategically throughout the ceiling for a theatrical flair, while the rug lends an eclectic touch.

To the right of the living area is a modern dining space that can comfortably accommodate up to six guests. Plush dining chairs are upholstered in a soft shade of purple, complementing a sleek dining table that features a gold chrome base.

W Toronto – WOW Suite dining area
W Toronto – WOW Suite dining area

As a thoughtful touch, the dining table had a welcome amenity of a handwritten note and chocolate eggs to crack open with sweets inside.

W Toronto – WOW Suite welcome amenity

Tucked into a corner of the dining area is the Mix Bar, fully equipped with shakers and glassware so you can create their own drinks. This added an element of fun and creativity to the space, while also serving as a stylish focal point.

W Toronto – WOW Suite Mix Bar

The WOW Suite is excellent for entertaining. In fact, I welcomed some of our team members and Prince of Travel community members for a small gathering during my stay.

As you turn towards the office area, the coffee and tea station is nestled within a pantry, complete with a Nespresso machine.

W Toronto – WOW Suite pantry & Nespresso coffee maker

Upon entering the office area, the space features a darker colour palette. The office is minimalist, equipped with a light wood desk and a tan office chair, which provide a nice contrasting element of warmth.

W Toronto – WOW Suite desk

In the bedroom, the design scheme takes a dramatic turn, featuring a jet-black colour scheme and a king bed. The bedroom is quite exposed to the rest of the space, with W Doha-style threads hanging from the ceiling, acting as the only partition.

W Toronto – WOW Suite bedroom
W Toronto – WOW Suite bed
W Toronto – WOW Suite bed

Next to the living area is a spacious walk-in closet, featuring a striking black and gold armoire.

W Toronto – WOW Suite walk-in closet
W Toronto – WOW Suite armoire

Although the ensuite bathroom is elegantly appointed, it is rather modest for a WOW Suite.

There’s a single vanity with a vessel sink and an arched mirror, and adjacent is a shower and bathtub housed within a single wet room.

W Toronto – WOW Suite bathroom

The walls of the wet room feature a pop of colour and contemporary design, adding an element of visual interest and flair to the space. Moreover, the bathrooms are thoughtfully equipped with amenities from MOMO by Davines.

The toilet is hidden within its own chamber, complete with a vanity and toilet.

W Toronto – WOW Suite toilet

Although the bathroom was conservative for a WOW Suite, I appreciated the wall-mounted shower jets that fired water horizontally.

Lastly, the WOW Suites afford a view of either the city or the courtyard, depending on which room you’re assigned.

As far as WOW Suites go, which is usually the vice-presidential-level suite at W Hotels and just below the Extreme WOW Suite, this particular suite fell a bit short when compared to some of the world’s best.

As far as classification goes, it’d likely be categorized as a Fantastic Suite or a Marvelous Suite at some of the more extravagant W Hotels.

Despite this, it’s worth noting that the W Toronto property as a whole has a more understated approach in terms of creativity and overall design. With this in mind, the WOW Suite is in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the hotel, which is more reserved and less flashy than other W hotels.

W Toronto – Fabulous Room

A friend of mine was also staying at the property at the same time as me, and I had the opportunity to take a look at his Fabulous Room. 

Similar to my Studio Suite, there’s a king bed, lounging space, and pantry with a minibar and coffee maker, just packed into a smaller space as a regular room type rather than a suite.

W Toronto – Fabulous Room overview
W Toronto – Fabulous Room overview
W Toronto – Fabulous Room bed

The banquette and coffee table are located closer to the bed, and the flat-screen TV is on the opposite wall. I thought this made more sense from a functional standpoint, rather than the flat-screen being opposite the armchair, as it was in my suite.

The bathroom also has a similar layout, with minimal separation and privacy from the rest of the room.

W Toronto – Fabulous Room bathroom
W Toronto – Fabulous Room bathroom

Overall, I thought the rooms had snazzy designs that are true to the W brand, but they aren’t quite as boisterous as I’ve seen at other properties.

Compared to the designs of the public spaces, I also found that the rooms were bit more subdued, perhaps due to this being a renovated W rather than one that was built from the ground up.

W Toronto – Breakfast

Breakfast is hosted in the Public School Kitchen + Bar on the ground floor of the hotel. In the morning, I headed down to take advantage of my breakfast credit.

W Toronto – Public School Kitchen + Bar seating
W Toronto – Public School Kitchen + Bar seating

Since the breakfast credit is for $40 based on double occupancy, I went ahead and ordered $80 worth of food.

My meal began with the eggs Benedict alongside an açai bowl and hot cappuccino, and I then also ordered a few items to save for my lunch later on.

W Toronto – Eggs Benedict at Public House Kitchen + Bar
W Toronto – Açai bowl at Public House Kitchen + Bar
W Toronto – Cappuccino at Public House Kitchen + Bar

In addition to tasty breakfast bites, Public School Kitchen + Bar serves creative dishes all day from a mostly plant-forward menu.

W Toronto – Lunch from Public House Kitchen + Bar

The eatery doubles as a café during the day and a bar at night, and it’s a welcoming venue for both guests and those just passing by to pop in and socialize, work, relax, or dine.

W Toronto – Other Facilities

The hotel’s signature restaurant and lounge, Skylight, is located on the 9th floor. There is direct access from the ground level via a dedicated glowing-orange elevator, as well as access from the 9th-floor guest room hallways.

Skylight is a stunning space, akin to a jungle-inspired oasis in the sky. The rooftop eatery offers a Mediterranean-inspired raw bar and mezze.

W Toronto – Skylight bar

There are numerous styles of indoor and outdoor seating, including unique birdcage-style seats overlooking Toronto’s iconic Bloor Street. The restaurant also hosts a nightly DJ booth and performance stage.

W Toronto – Skylight indoor seating
W Toronto – Skylight indoor seating
W Toronto – Skylight outdoor seating

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to stop by the restaurant during my stay; however, I ordered room service on the evening of my arrival and enjoyed a tasty, juicy burger.

Skylight seems like a great location to dine and have a couple of cocktails. I could certainly see it being a highlight of staying at the W Toronto, and I look forward to truly immersing myself in the venue on my next visit. 

W Toronto – Skylight bar seating
W Toronto – Skylight seating

Light bites and shareable plates are also available in the 6th-floor Living Room, if you wish to pop in for a quick lunch or late-night snack.

“FIT”, the hotel’s fitness centre, is incredibly spacious and measures a whopping 3,300 square feet.

W Toronto – Fitness centre entrance
W Toronto – Fitness centre
W Toronto – Fitness centre

Here you’ll find just about any type of equipment you could need, including cardio equipment, free weights, and strength-training equipment.

W Toronto – Fitness centre
W Toronto – Fitness centre
W Toronto – Fitness centre

Keep in mind that there’s no swimming pool at the W Toronto, which may be an important factor to consider when deciding to book here. A bustling poolside scene is generally a key element of W hotels, and thus far, neither the W Montreal nor the W Toronto can claim to offer one.


As Canada’s second W property and Toronto’s third luxury-tier Marriott property, the W Toronto is an impressive addition to the W portfolio.

The Studio Suite is spacious and elegant, but the hotel’s public areas are where it truly shines. The WOW Suite offers a spacious opportunity to host an event, and fits in with the hotel’s overall aesthetic.

The tranquil Public House, the energizing décor of The Living Room, and the breathtaking Skylight restaurant and bar will certainly entice you to leave your room and experience everything the property has to offer.

The location may not be ideal for first-time visitors to Toronto or those who value proximity to the city’s primary attractions, but with immediate access to Bloor-Yonge TTC station from the ground floor, navigating the city is still quite simple. 

This story originally appeared on princeoftravel

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