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Rick & Morty Confirms a Season 5 Villain Knows the Secret of Portal Tech

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty #4 Portal travel is perhaps one of the most touchy topics in the entire Rick and Morty series, and now it’s even more so, as this piece of technology that was believed to only exist within the pantheon of multiversal Ricks is also known by one particularly powerful season 5 villain.


In Rick and Morty season 3, episode 1 “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, Rick C-137 reveals his origin story for the first time. Apparently, he was approached by another Rick (later confirmed to be Rick Prime) about portal travel. Rick Prime seemed to be traveling the multiverse, giving Ricks access to portal travel wherever he found them. But, C-137 was different, as he denied portal travel when it was offered. In response, Rick Prime killed C-137’s wife and daughter, which inspired him to come up with portal travel himself. While the episode ends with Rick denying any of that to be true, Rick and Morty season 5, episode 10 “Rickmurai Jack” recants that denial and confirms it all as the truth. This seems to indicate that portal tech is something that’s held pretty close to every Rick’s collective chest. A Rick who doesn’t want it can’t even live to know about it, as that information is apparently too dangerous to be left unchecked. While Rick Prime didn’t kill Rick C-137, he certainly meant to, and it was seemingly in the name of preserving the great secret of portal tech. However, one comic confirms that the secret is out, as Rick’s ultimate nemesis is also aware of the intricacies of interdimensional travel: Mr. Nimbus.

Rick & Morty’s Mr. Nimbus Knows the Details of Portal Travel, & Rick Knows It

In Rick and Morty #4 by Alex Firer and Marc Ellerby, a tech billionaire named Vronsky apparently figured out how to achieve a similar method of interdimensional travel as Rick, and he abducts Rick to show him in an effort to prove his worth and become Rick’s new universe-adventuring partner instead of Morty. When Rick sees this, he viscerally reacts by screaming, “You–you copied my portal tech? How?! Did Nimbus tell you?!”.

Mr. Nimbus was Rick’s first guess when he saw someone else using portal tech similar to his own (which is shared by every other Rick in the multiverse). This confirms that Mr. Nimbus knows how to achieve interdimensional travel the same way Rick does–and that’s not all. Rick’s reaction to someone else using portal tech mixed with his immediate thought that Nimbus was the one who spilled the secret means he knows how dangerous it is for people other than Ricks to have access to this technology. In a way, this means that Rick C-137 is admitting that Rick Prime was right. Rick Prime murdered C-137’s family in an effort to maintain the secret of portal travel, and it seems he was justified in doing so, as C-137 evidently told Mr. Nimbus all about portal tech, thereby exposing a secret Ricks get murdered for. Not only that, but this could lead to future problems down the road, more so than Nimbus simply exposing the secret behind portal technology.

Rick and Mr. Nimbus didn’t exactly leave things off on good terms, so if Nimbus has access to portal tech as this Rick and Morty issue implies, then he could create his own interdimensional Council of Nimbuses. This would be the culmination of everything Rick Prime tried to avoid by carefully selecting the Ricks he shared portal tech with, and killing those who refused it. Rick Prime wanted to ensure this technology was only known and used by Ricks, but the one Rick who never even wanted the technology to begin with just handed it over to his greatest nemesis, Mr. Nimbus, granting him the potential to become a multiversal threat. While Mr. Nimbus hasn’t used portal tech as far as fans are aware, it’s only a matter of time before he does, as this Rick and Morty comic confirms he knows all about it.

Rick and Morty #4 by Oni Press is available now.

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