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Sarah Goldberg Delivers Powerful Performance in ‘Barry’ Episode 5

THE PERFORMER | Sarah Goldberg

THE SHOW | Barry

THE EPISODE |tricky legacies” (May 7, 2023)

THE PERFORMANCE | Goldberg has been wowing us for four seasons now with her work as ruthlessly ambitious actress Sally on HBO’s pitch-black hitman comedy. But this week, she topped herself by essentially crafting a performance within a performance as Sally took on a new identity and completely transformed herself into a frustrated mother drinking herself into oblivion.

Barry and Sally escaped their dire fates in L.A. by moving out to the middle of nowhere and reinventing themselves as “Clark” and “Emily.” Sally saw this as an opportunity to put her acting skills to work, putting on a brunette wig and adopting a Southern accent to play the part of Emily. Goldberg was nearly unrecognizable at first as Emily, but she allowed Sally’s simmering desperation to peek through as Emily slung coffee as a waitress at a local diner and swigged vodka straight from the bottle to numb the pain. Goldberg got laughs as a drunken Sally slurred her words at a family dinner with Barry and their young son John, but her hopelessness was no laughing matter. Emily even flirted with a sleazy diner cook just to feel something, but she ended up wrapping her hands around his neck and nearly suffocating him, and Goldberg was downright terrifying as Sally’s deeply repressed anger almost led her to choke a man to death. (A sleazy man, but still.)

Goldberg also made it clear that Sally isn’t cut out to be a mother, with Emily squirming uncomfortably in bed when John tried to cuddle up next to her. Sally traded her freedom for safety, but she’s already regretting that decision — and Goldberg did a fantastic job of showing us just how much she regrets it.

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