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#SaveTheWinchesters Online Campaign Gets Support From Jeffrey Dean Morgan

News that The Winchesters would not be getting renewed for a second season came as a blow to fans of the Supernatural prequel series. As expected, an online campaign to save the show began almost immediately with the hashtag of #SaveTheWinchesters appearing on various social media channels. However, there is nothing like getting a bit of star power to join the fight, and The Winchesters have received a particularly appropriate ally in the form of Supernatural star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Despite being best know in recent years for playing The Walking Dead’s Negan, Morgan played the original John Winchester in Supernatural, so does have a little bit of history with the character. Now it seems that Morgan is someone else who believes the show has not been given a chance to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and become a multi-season hit.


Morgan commented on a post by The Winchesters’ producer Daniel Ackles, who produced the series with star Jensen Ackles. The Instagram post called it an “honor” to have worked on the series, and added that there was still hope of the opportunity to “continue the journey” coming about. In response, Morgan wrote:

“Love this! Good group of punks here!!! Good luck to all on finding a new home. Show, fans, these actors, you two…did the work to more than deserve another 19 seasons. Xxx”

Following in the footsteps of Supernatural, the show was always going to have an immediate fan base to build on, and considering the way audiences have massively moved away from network scheduled shows to enjoy programs and series as and when they want them on streaming platforms, The Winchesters is one show that could certainly get a second chance somewhere else.

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Was The Winchesters Just Another Casualty of The CW’s Restructuring?

On the surface, there are many reasons why a show can be canceled quickly. From poor ratings, bad reviews and a general failure to have any kind of connection with an audience are all reasons that can lead to the early cancelation of shows that should be able to attract a dedicated fan base. However when it comes to the massive wave of cancelled shows on The CW, there have been many behind the scenes decisions made that have been impacted by the ongoing restructuring of the network.

Over the last year, The CW has dropped almost all of its scripted content, which has seen the demise of the Arrowverse – including the high profile cancelation of Legends of Tomorrow and the ending of The Flash – and many other once popular shows. Although the cancelations have instigated many online campaigns, billboard campaigns and more, there are currently no plans for any of the canceled shows to find homes elsewhere.

Whether The Winchesters will be able to buck the trend and find itself a new place to continue the story of John and Mary Winchester is yet to be seen, but it certainly has as good a chance as any.

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