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Schoolboy goes viral dressed as Sky News journalist for careers day | UK News

A picture of schoolboy Abe Idehen-Nathaniel delighted numerous correspondents and journalists on Twitter after his father posted a picture of him dressed as a Sky News presenter for his school’s career’s day.

During one of their regular family talks, eight-year-old Abe told his father, Justice Idehen-Nathaniel, that his school in Lagos, Nigeria, was having a careers day.

With endless possibilities to choose from, Abe decided he wanted to go as a Sky News presenter.

Pic: Justice Idehen-Nathaniel

With the help of his mother, Abe set about preparing his suit and printing off the Sky News logo, so it could be wrapped round his microphone – a task which he said took nearly four hours.

“News reporters tell people about things they don’t know,” he said when speaking to Sky News about why he chose the career he did.

Abe Idehen-Nathaniel. Pic: Justice Idehen-Nathaniel
Abe Idehen-Nathaniel and his twin brother Sean. Pic: Justice Idehen-Nathaniel

“So I felt like it was good to inform people about things that they don’t know.

“I want to do in the future because it sounds so fun.”

Posting the picture of his son on Twitter, Mr Idehen-Nathaniel said he did not expect such a reaction.

“I was amazed,” he told Sky News. “I was expecting a like, maybe a retweet, but I got back home from work, opened my laptop and there was just a stream of likes.”

When asked what he thought of Abe’s career choice, Mr Idehen-Nathaniel said that he wasn’t surprised, as Sky News is regularly on the television at home.

“Either in the home in Nigeria or here in England, the telly is almost always on Sky News,” Mr Idehen-Nathaniel said.

Abe Idehen-Nathaniel. Pic: Justice Idehen-Nathaniel
Abe Idehen-Nathaniel, his mother Sandra and twin brother Sean. Pic: Justice Idehen-Nathaniel

“When I was eight I wanted to be a chocolate wafer biscuit seller!

“But this is something that Abe seemed excited about, so if in the next five to ten years he decides to do that, we will give him the support he requires.”

Abe’s mother, Sandra Idehen-Nathaniel agreed, saying: “I asked him if he wanted to be a banker like me, or a lawyer like his daddy, and he said no. He said that he was going to be a presenter,” she said.

Reacting to the post on social media, Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph said: “Love this, bless him. I will if I get the opportunity. Happy to have a chat with him.”

While Sky News’ Niall Paterson added: “Could you please ask Abe where he gets his suits… because I think he looks very dapper indeed!

“Best wishes, Abe, and please don’t steal my job.”

Having an uncle that is a broadcaster may have given Abe the inspiration that he needed to pursue a career in journalism, but his twin brother Sean is planning on taking a slightly different career path.

He wants to be a scientist of medicine, he said, appearing on the video call in bright blue goggles and a white lab coat.

This story originally appeared on Skynews

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