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Sidney Prescott Can Fit Into Any Scream Movie, Says Producer Amid Neve Campbell Absence

Amid Neve Campbell’s ongoing absence, producer William Sherak says that Sidney Prescott can fit into any Scream movie. A main protagonist throughout much of the franchise, Sidney has survived multiple run-ins with Ghostface and returned to Woodsboro in 2022’s Scream to help stop another string of murders. Prior to the release of Scream 6, Campbell announced she would not reprise her role, expressing disappointment in the salary offered to her. Without her involvement, the latest entry headed to New York City, tracking the survivors of previous attacks while bringing back Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere).

Following the premiere of Scream 6, there has been speculation about whether Campbell would return for future installments. In a recent interview with, Sherak touches on how the film’s story was affected by Sidney’s absence and explains that she can be incorporated into any Scream movie. Read Sherak’s comments regarding Sidney below:

Yes, and I think a Scream movie can always have Sidney Prescott in it. When that information came to us, you don’t look at it the way you’re thinking. It’s much more, ‘This is the story we were telling.’ Sidney can fit into any Scream movie, she’s Sidney Prescott. And that just wasn’t in the cards we were able to play with. So we got to tell this amazing story and the guys crafted it brilliantly. But if Sidney Prescott’s in a Scream movie, Sidney Prescott fits that Scream movie. We have that luxury. We have the luxury of a character you can always make work in this franchise.

Could Neve Campbell Return In Scream 7?

When audiences were reintroduced to Campbell’s character in Scream, she had started a family and seemed to be finally moving on from Ghostface. Sidney’s whereabouts in Scream 6 were discussed by Gale, who revealed that she had taken her husband and children somewhere safe, and was aware of what was happening in New York City. While the movie shifted its focus to Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega), along with Gale and Kirby, Sidney remains the most important character in the franchise, so it is worth wondering if she will return for Scream 7.

Sherak previously talked about the possibility of Campbell reprising her role in Scream 7, noting that any actor who has been a part of the series can come back. It is unclear what direction the next film will take or if it is actually happening, but given the box office performance of Scream 6, audiences will likely welcome another installment. Campbell has also expressed interest in returning to the franchise, and after the support she received, the actor could be presented with a better contract that reflects the significance of her character.

Sherak’s comments about Sidney Prescott make sense, considering the role she has played throughout the Scream series. It will be interesting to see if Campbell makes another appearance in the future, and what other legacy characters might join her. Despite the success of its latest entry, longtime fans of the horror franchise are still eager for Scream to continue Sidney’s storyline and would be excited over her possible return.


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