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Sony’s ‘Project Leonardo’ PS5 peripheral is now the ‘Access controller’

Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Sony is revealing further information about what is now being, aptly, called the Access controller for the PS5. The company first shared information about the controller back in January under the name “Project Leonardo.” The announcement brings it one small, and long overdue, step closer to offering parity with Microsoft, which released the Xbox Adaptive Controller back in 2018.

The Access controller is customizable to accommodate different ranges of motion and strengths. The Analog stick caps are available in standard, dome and ball shapes. The button caps come in options including pillow and flat, alongside more unique sizes. The wide flat button cap covers two button sockets, the overhang style is equipped for people with smaller hands and the curve button cap can be pushed or pulled. The controller can be laid flat, placed at various angles, and it can be installed onto a tripod or other custom mount.

Once synced to their PS5, gamers can choose controller orientation, assign actions to each button and change sensitivity settings. Controls can also be programmed to work continuously with a single push. Basically, instead of having to hold down a button to sprint, clicking it once will work the same way. This change reduces strength and mobility needs across games. There’s also room to integrate the DualSense Wireless controller, which can sync with two Access controllers to create a “single virtual controller.”

“We’re just getting started with our accessibility journey with PS5,” Mark Friend, Sony’s accessibility lead, explained in an accessibilities update video featuring employees from around the world. Other notable features mentioned include high contrast mode and traversal or navigation assist.

Sony may have timed the announcement to Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the controller itself won’t be around for it. Currently, the Access controller has no available release date or price, with more details coming “in the months ahead.” 

This story originally appeared on Engadget

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