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Stewardess says she ‘would never work’ on £632million Russian yacht due to its ‘cushions’ | Travel News | Travel

The yacht stewardess, who wished to remain anonymous, shared some “interesting facts about luxury yachts” including some of the most opulent designs and most extravagant items on board. She explained: “The number one is that I worked on yachts where we had over 20 TVs.”

Out of those 20 TVs, around 10 or 15 “have to be on the whole time”. Every morning, a stewardess has to go through each TV and “choose a different channel for each room”.

Some TVs, however, are placed in the “weirdest spots” such as the bathroom, “so people can watch it while they use the toilet” or “literally in the swimming pool – it’s incredible”.

Another interesting fact about working and living on a yacht is that there are mini fridges “everywhere”.

“And it’s our job to make sure they are always full and they are filled with the owner’s favorite food and drinks,” the stewardess explained.

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Another fun fact is that “no one can board the yacht with shoes on, not even the owners”.

The crew member explained that they “technically come on board with shoes on, but we always ask them politely to take them off”.

“We have a basket for the shoes or we can take them to their cabins.” It is strictly prohibited for crew members or guests to wear shoes inside the yacht or outside, on the deck.

The yacht crew, for instance, have special shoes “we can only wear on the boat”, and this is to avoid damaging the deck.

The stewardess also commented that she “would never work” on one of the most famous superyachts in the world and revealed why.

The Dilbar is a very well-known yacht in the industry as it’s the sixth biggest yacht in the world. “It’s enormous and very impressive,” she explained.

The yacht has 96 crew members on board and it cost $800million (£632million).

“That means that every year, the owners spend $8million (£6million) in just maintenance,” the stewardess revealed.

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The yacht can host up to 40 guests, so it has a capacity of around 120 people, and it belongs to a Russian family.

The luxury stewardess explained that it is not “a yacht where I would work” because of the number of crew members on board.

Living and working with other members of the crew can sometimes be difficult as they spend “literally 24/7 together”.

On top of that, the Russian boat reportedly has over 1,000 cushions decorating the cabins and for stewardesses, “this is a massive headache and especially for whoever is on laundry shift!” she explained.

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