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Stop treating NYers like saps

How many migrants have come to New York City? Where are they all staying? How much is it costing taxpayers day-to-day?

All important questions — and ones that Mayor Eric Adams won’t answer.

His secrecy is only making a bad situation worse.

For starters, The Post has sought — so far, unsuccessfully — a full listing of shelters being used for newcomers, complete with their locations, landlords, operators, number of beds, and other details.

Residents want and deserve to know where migrants will be staying.

But Adams’ folks denied our Freedom of Information Law request for such a list, forcing our lawyers to pursue an appeal.

The paper has reported on some shelter sites — e.g., Midtown’s Stewart Hotel.

Cops had to arrest 10 migrants there Sunday after two alcohol-fueled scuffles erupted.

Yet the city is now relying on some 150 emergency shelters and relief centers to handle the waves of migrants flooding in.

A group of migrants outside of the vacant Hungerford School in Staten Island where they have been placed on May 15, 2023.
Steve White for New York Post

Where are they, exactly?

Adams has been open about some sites, like the 1,000-room Roosevelt Hotel (also in Midtown), opening as the city’s main migrant arrival center and as a shelter.

But he only announced plans for the Roosevelt after The Post had reported them, based on the info our reporters dug up on their own.

Outraged parents, meanwhile, are in the streets protesting as they suddenly discover gyms at their schools are being readied for migrants.

New Yorkers want to know if buildings in their ‘hoods — hotels, warehouses, unused government property — will be hosting migrants.

Their concerns about safety and other issues are entirely legitimate.

Sure, some will object, and perhaps even succeed in blocking a new shelter.

But springing shelters on people as a done deal is guaranteed to leave folks furious.

The mayor’s not wrong to suggest New Yorkers direct their ire toward Washington and the White House for triggering the crisis in the first place — and refusing to help deal with it.

Parents at PS 17 in Brooklyn protesting Adams' plan to place migrants in school gyms on May 16, 2023.
Parents at PS 17 in Brooklyn protesting Adams’ plan to place migrants in school gyms on May 16, 2023.
Gabriella Bass

But their first fury will go his way if Hizzoner keeps hiding info about what he’s doing in their neighborhoods.

You’ve got time to turn this around, sir: Start by releasing a full list of migrant shelters, along with their locations and costs.

There’s no easier way to win New Yorkers’ hate than to treat them as saps.

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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