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TGP’s Jim Hoft Discusses RFK Jr.’s Bombshell Bioweapons Revelations from Their Recent Interview with Truthbait Podcast | The Gateway Pundit

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Jim Hoft


Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed 2024 Presidential Candidate RFK, Jr., earlier this week, leading to a series of news breaking revelations — his evidence of U.S. government funding of the Wuhan lab, subsequent direct links to U.S. support for the creation of a series of experimental bioweapon viruses, and the intelligence community’s decades-long assault on its own American citizens, to name a few.

** The full interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. is posted here.

Jim sat down with Truthbait Podcast hosts Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal to discuss RFK’s bombshell findings and what he thinks of the choice between Trump and this new disruptor.  RFK Jr. did not hesitate to speak his truth on the US funding of bioweapons laboratories abroad.

As old friends, we reminisce a bit about the old days of following the leftist movement through our documentary protest coverage.  We then turn our focus on TGP audience’s unfailing help for the J6 political prisoners.

Listen to the full interview here, beginning at the 13:18:40 mark:

Jim also speaks about his respect for TGP readers, especially how they stepped in when everyday Americans being set up on J6 needed basic necessities and legal help to fight the miscarriage of justice.

The bulk of the interview was spent taking a deeper look at Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s absolutely shocking statements during his interview with Jim Hoft.

Hoft also tells a great story about how he first connected with Kennedy and joined the Childrens’ Health Defense lawsuit against the Washington Post, AP, Reuters and others.

Hoft tells us he is a “big fan of Bobby Kennedy, Jr.,” and he “can’t say enough nice things about him,” which left us wondering, after being such a staunch supporter and advocate for President Trump, if an election between the two were held today, who would Jim Hoft pull the lever for?

Oh, that’s not even fair. But I think that’s why it’s a great question.

Yeah, I think I would I would definitely go with Trump at this point. And the reason is because coming off of that, his phenomenal performance last night on CNN, there just is no one alive, I don’t think that can take the amount of constant attacks like Trump took last night. And this is him every day.

I assume Bobby Kennedy would get the same sort of treatment. He certainly has since he announced his run. Trump’s the man right now. But, you know, again, I’m huge fan of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Jeremy Segal is a documentary filmmaker and writer, you might be familiar with his work as RebelPundit over the previous decade. He is a co-host of the TruthBait Podcast, with fellow documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus, director/producer of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, an amazing biopic of our dear friend Andrew Breitbart.

TruthBait aires every Tuesday and Friday afternoon on all of your favority podcast apps, including Apple and Spotify.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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