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The Bear Season 2 Release Date Revealed For Summer 2023 Premiere

The release date for Hulu and FX’s The Bear season 2 has officially been announced. The critically acclaimed season 1 of the dark comedy followed successful haute cuisine chef Carmen, played by Jeremy Allen White, once he returns to his Chicago roots to take over his family’s humble sandwich shop following the tragic passing of his older brother. Alongside an eclectic team of cooks, including breakout star Ayo Edibiri as his eager sous chef Sydney Adamu, Carmen tries to revive the struggling business while navigating frequently dysfunctional relationships with his family that have been made all the more complicated by their shared loss.


Following the immense critical and commercial success of the first season, FX has announced that The Bear season 2 will be released exclusively on Hulu on June 22. The upcoming season will consist of 10 episodes, which will be released all at once for viewers to binge-watch right away. Check out the release date announcement and key art for The Bear season 2 below:

Everything We Know About The Bear Season 2

While The Bear season 1 ended on a rare note of optimism, the few plot details that have been teased about the forthcoming season 2 indicate that audiences are in for another tumultuous and tonally intricate installment. The Bear season 1 finale concludes with Carmen discovering that his late brother Mikey (Jon Bernthal) left behind a significant amount of money hidden in cans of tomato sauce throughout the restaurant. This finding allows Carmen to make sweeping changes to the restaurant in the hopes of finally turning it into a thriving business, including replacing its former name, The Original Beef with The Bear.

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As the teaser trailer for The Bear season 2 connotes, the seeming fresh start for Carmen and the restaurant gives way for plenty of new storylines to intercept with where the character’s left off. Carmen will likely have to reconcile the future he aims for with his traumatic past and continued anxiety regarding his work, first instilled in him by a verbally abusive mentor, played by Joel McHale, during his time in the world of haute cuisine. The excitement surrounding the opening of The Bear is also set to be complicated by his family’s ongoing grief which often manifests in the form of intense arguments with one another and their co-workers in the restaurant.

Carmen’s relationship with the restaurant’s staff, particularly Sydney, is also expected to be expanded upon as he continues to learn the importance of a chosen family in the face of personal struggles. The cast is also set to expand, featuring Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk in an undisclosed guest role. One element that is sure to remain strong throughout season 2 is the unflinchingly authentic portrayal of the strenuous conditions and personal sacrifices necessitated by working in restaurant industry that The Bear has been celebrated for.

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