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The Met Gala hypocrisy of class warrior Chi Ossé

The bejeweled hypocrisy of New York’s socialist left knows no bounds. 

Take City Councilman Chi Ossé, a rising Democratic Socialist-adjacent star. 

He threw a very public tantrum at this week’s Rent Guidelines Board meeting, storming in with a “Housing Over Profit” mob to disrupt the proceeding.  

All in line with his “eat the rich” Twitter rhetoric.

Yet the day before, he was eating with the rich, hobnobbing at the city’s most elite social event of the year: the Met Gala.

Tickets for that affair cost as much as $50,000 (his fellow commie-lite AOC famously scammed a few freebies in 2022). 

Ossé gets his ticket courtesy of taxpayers, however, making the hypocrisy even more glaring.

Yet Ossé himself is ultra-elite — that is, a highly privileged class warrior.

His father was legendary entertainment lawyer Reggie Ossé, who repped Jay-Z and other contemporary hip-hop giants. 

Ossé stormed in with a “Housing Over Profit” mob to disrupt this week’s Rent Guidelines Board meeting.  
William Miller

His mother is the daughter of noted producer and songwriter Teddy Vann.

Ossé attended mega-snooty Friends Seminary in the East Village; tuition there will hit $60,500 per annum for the upcoming academic year.  

This is the man who’s fighting to punish small landlords and renters by ensuring that apartments needing costly maintenance simply lie vacant.

For Ossé these are hoi polloi he steps over as he alights from his limo and glides into the glitter. 

Notably, this tribune of the people took zero aggressive public actions against injustice at the gala itself

Not even a facile one, like AOC’s “Tax the Rich” 2022 gala dress. 

If you want to speak truth to power, there’s no better place: the Gala’s a huge object of focus for the media, the subject of intense discussion for weeks on end. 

Think of all the good a strong stand for equity (or something) could have done! 

But Ossé clearly knows the rules, like every good progressive. 

Kick down, kiss up.  

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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