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The Trans Bubble’s Bursting, Troops Won’t End Border Madness and other commentary

Neocon: The Trans Bubble’s Bursting

“Transgender activism is failing. Badly,” argues Commentary’s Abe Greenwald, summing up a Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll as showing “Americans aren’t buying the trans fairytale about magical, shapeshifting creatures who can will themselves into anything they want and live happily ever after.” Indeed, “Not only do majorities in every age category believe that one’s sex is locked in at birth, but most Americans are opposed to trans females competing against biological females at every level of athletics.” Basically, the “extremists overplayed their hand, wallpapering the world with anti-scientific, face-value lunacy and insisting that if you didn’t believe it, you were a monster. The more that Americans were exposed to this stuff, the more they rejected it.” What next? “Some parts of corporate and political America have been captured by these types. But as Americans continue to make their opinions known, as consumers and voters, gender sanity will retake institutions.”

From the right: Troops Won’t End Border Madness

The soldiers President Biden’s sending to the border are not going there to help solve the crisis (there is no crisis, Team Biden insists) but to assist in the “ongoing fiasco of processing migrants into the country, with minimal paperwork or follow-up, even though they have no legal right to enter or live in the United States,” lament National Review’s editors. “The mission is to simply spread the problem of housing these migrants” to “spots all around the country.” Some will have court dates “as long as a decade away.” Meanwhile, migrants are exploited, women are raped, and many die. “A wave of illegal fentanyl crosses” with them. There is a way to end the madness: “Simply enforce our immigration laws, and effectively patrol our border.”

Education beat: The Public-School Exodus

Public schools “lost some 1.2 million students in the first two years of the pandemic. Some migrated to private institutions, where enrollments grew by 4 percent, while homeschool numbers rose by 30 percent,” observes City Journal’s Steven Malanga. Yet: “Spending per pupil in many school systems has soared. Gotham schools, which spent about $25,000 per pupil in 2016, expended $37,136 per student last year — a 47 percent increase in just six years.” But “advocates are demanding even more spending and are fighting against cuts to programs.” With “smaller student populations and disappearing Covid bailout funds,” they must get real: “failing to act will only worsen budget deficits at a time of economic uncertainty.”

Conservative: A Rerun of 2016?

The New York Times’ Ross Douthat is suffering “flashbacks to the 2016 race. Seven years later, it’s clear that many of the underlying dynamics that made Trump the [GOP] nominee are still in play.” Partly it’s that “the party’s bigger-money donors . . . don’t really like the culture war” and so are hesitant to back Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the main alternative. There’s also “the weird fatalism of professional Republicans,” thinking “if the G.O.P. just lets him lose” in the 2024 general, “it will finally be rid of him.” And “the final returning dynamic: The media still wants Trump,” as seen in “the eager coverage of DeSantis’s sag” in the polls. “They want to enjoy the Trump Show’s ratings, they want the G.O.P. defined by Trumpism while they define themselves as democracy’s defenders.” And so Trump’s rivals must “struggle, not only against the wattage of the man himself, but also against an impulse already apparent — to call the race for Trump before a single vote is cast.”

Economist: Biden’s ‘Quiet, Dangerous Radicalism’

“In just two years of the Biden administration, a typical American family has lost over $7,000 in purchasing power, homeownership affordability is near an all-time low, government spending and the national debt have exploded and there are concerns the dollar is at risk of losing its reserve currency status,” rages EJ Antoni in The Hill. The president’s “multi-trillion-dollar spending spree unleashed the hidden tax of inflation, which transfers wealth from the people to the government,” meaning the feds have “quietly robbed every American of 15 percent of their dollar’s value.” Biden’s unilateral actions cannot be ignored: “American families, and America as a whole, are worse off compared to just two years ago.”

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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