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These money and investing tips help your portfolio keep pace with the Fed

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Banning short selling of regional bank stocks won’t solve their problems

Restricting bets against the troubled banking sector would be ineffective and costly. Read More

Stocks are stuck in a trading range, but watch the VIX for signs of a breakout

VIX and volatility are the market’s most bullish indicators now, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read More

‘The Fed is way late and they’ve already screwed it up.’ This stock strategist is banking on gold, silver and Treasurys to weather a recession.

Hedgeye’s Keith McCullough says the market is in denial: ‘Investors just want their bubble back.’ Read More

Global buybacks surged to record $1.3 trillion in 2022, almost eclipsing dividends

The value of global share buybacks tripled over the past decade and at $1.3 trillion in 2022 were nearly the same as dividend payouts, according to research. Read More

You should always max out your 401(k) contribution, right? Not if taxes go up.

With steeper tax rates expected in coming decades, traditional advice deserves another look. Read More

These 5 stocks stand out in a banking sector filled with great bargains

Elon Musk has it all wrong – here’s why the bank sector won’t blow up. Read More

These banks are even better investments than they were before the crisis

Well-run banks remain good long-term bets. Read More

Rate hikes haven’t brought inflation down to the Fed’s 2% target. Here’s what the central bank could do next.

Rate hikes might be done, but raising the target inflation rate from 2% could be in the offing. Read More

Here’s how to play oil-industry stocks for long-term growth of 20% or more

Oil producers continue to underinvest in supply, and daily usage levels are expected to hold up for many years, even with the transition to electric vehicles. Read More

Car makers aren’t the only stocks to benefit from EV demand. Here are 3 long-term picks that play on the materials side.

The rapid increase in demand for EVs can make materials suppliers much more profitable. Read More

Cramer ETF vs. Cramer: Shorting CNBC host’s stock picks hasn’t delivered the promised ratings

You can do the opposite of a losing strategy and still lose. Read More

Vanguard index funds lose out to its own stock picking fund

Even though Vanguard is the pioneer of index funds, the firm’s own mutual funds sometimes outperform. Read More

We know not to take money early from a tax-deferred retirement account. So why do we do it?

The IRS imposes a 10% penalty for withdrawing these funds before age 59 ½. Some savers don’t realize this until it’s too late. Read More

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