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Tips for Traveling with Infants by Yeah Lifestyle |

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Peers have probably told you traveling is impractical now that you have a baby. On top of that, being a student poses many challenges, as you must find the right balance. However, that’s not the end of the road for you. Traveling is still possible, and as a young mum or dad, you still have a full life ahead.

The big question is, how do you get to your destination without stressing about everything? Well, it’s not as scary as it seems. According to the Indian Express, traveling with young kids exposes them to different cultures and people, thus, building their confidence. Knowing this is enough to calm you. Of course, a newborn is too young to interact, but it does not hurt to start early. 

Once you pick your destination, get an essay writer service to handle your assignments. Then, entirely focus on packing and getting the trip details correct. Nothing sucks like basking on the beach and remembering you have an essay to complete. It’s enough to wreck your entire trip. 

Since many new parents (especially students) struggle before and while traveling, here are tips to help. 

1. Have the Right Attitude and Expectations 

Before choosing a destination, keep your attitude positive and expectations low to avoid disappointments. For instance, a 15-hour flight sounds daunting with a newborn. However, a good attitude takes your mind off the flight duration, allowing you to focus on the fun parts. Generally, maintaining a good attitude influences the way you react, your feelings, and how good or bad your day is. 

2. Ask for Help

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Always ask for help when you need it. Doing so helps avoid getting overwhelmed, easing the pressure, especially when traveling to foreign destinations. You’re not the first one to fly with an infant; airlines understand how to accommodate young families. 

In contrast, trying to figure out everything alone is frustrating and turns a great trip into a disaster. Students must stay safe while traveling alone by avoiding dangerous places and asking for help from trustworthy people. It’s better to consult a server while having lunch than ask a stranger on the street for help.     

3. Pack Enough Formula or Breast Milk 

If you breastfeed, be ready to increase frequency because babies suckle more when uncomfortable. Fortunately, breastfeeding stops you from carrying several milk bottles and baby formula. On the other hand, you must consider where to find clean water and bring enough formula if the baby is bottle-fed. After all, you never know if the location has your baby’s formula brand, so always be prepared. 

4. Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip

As a student with a young child, you have a tight budget. Spending all your money on holiday leaves a dent in your finances. So, always choose destinations with affordable activities, hotels, and food. Here’s how:

  • Set the total vacation budget
  • Try meal planning to avoid eating out always 
  • Plan the trip in advance 
  • Embrace spontaneity and flexibility 
  • Check for hidden fees 

Pro Tip: Traveling students must learn to manage money to avoid financial issues when returning to school. If the trip makes zero economic sense, save up more!

5. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated 

Bad food makes you feel worse. Before traveling, check the food spots around your destination to avoid unhealthy and bad-tasting food. Moreover, if traveling to foreign countries, learn about their cuisines to get accustomed. Hydrating also helps keep you active and feeling fresh to enjoy your trip.  

Above everything, eating healthy food and hydrating boosts your milk supply and keeps your energy up. Then, you can explore the world better. 

6. Rest Enough Before and During the Trip

You will get excited if this is your first trip with a newborn. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from resting enough before and during the trip. Taking a few hours every day to do nothing but relax while on vacation keeps your energy in check. At the same time, resting helps you unwind before returning to school to deal with assignments, colleagues, and instructors. 

7. Keep Communicating with Classmates

Although you’re on vacation, you must stay updated on what’s happening in school. Get the most affordable means of communication (for international trips) and check in occasionally to avoid surprises. For instance, you might need to re-submit an essay, and contacting colleagues gets you notified before it’s too late. 

8. Bring Your Study Materials 

Carry study notes to review whenever you get a few minutes. Of course, there might not be enough time since the baby’s around. However, a few pages a day are enough to get you ahead of your coursework. 

9. Keep Everything You Need Close and Organized  

You’re more likely to attract the wrong attention by acting confused. This exposes you to pickpockets and increases the chances of being robbed. Once you leave the hotel room, attach pacifiers to the carrier or fleece blanket. Bring a fanny pack or small bag with your IDs, bank cards, and extra diapers. Keep the luggage minimal whenever you’re moving around to explore.  

10. Look for Baby-Friendly Destinations 

Hotels with changing stations, co-sleepers, and a calm environment are the best for students with infants. These facilities ease stress, making your trip more enjoyable. On the contrary, if the hotel you’re staying at plays loud music throughout the night, it stops you from studying and the baby from sleeping. 

What Do Children Need to Fly?

Find out what documents you need before considering the number of onesies to bring. Key documents and items include:

  • A flight ticket and passport for international flights 
  • The child’s birth certificate 
  • A letter of consent (if leaving the other parent behind)

These must be in your carry-on to prevent delays and boarding issues.


Having a child while studying is more exciting than it seems. You get to travel the world with your newborn, learn about new cultures and meet new people. Still, remember to carry study materials (and your baby’s favorite pacifier), be extra vigilant, and choose the best destinations for unforgettable experiences!

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