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‘True Lies’ Series Finale Recap: Season 1, Episode 13

The Taskers turn their weapons on each other in the final True Lies ever, and though their marriage — and Omega Sector — is intact by the end of the hour, a seed of trouble is planted that would’ve really messed with the spies’ mission in Season 2.

Alas, we’ll never know exactly how things would’ve turned out; CBS cancelled the action dramedy in early May. So let’s check in with Harry, Helen, Luther, Maria and Gib for one last time as we review the highlights of the two-hour series finale, “Lying Truths/Waking Dream.”

In the first episode, Krypsis — the organization that’s gunning for Omega Sector — steals a computer that will be the key to unlocking all of the information about all of Omega’s operatives worldwide. But Krypsis has to crack it first, and they ask for help from a hacking collective. That’s where Max, the teen hacker from a few episodes back, comes in: He’s been consulting with Omega and can help them infiltrate the collective and get access to the missing computer.

He’s also dating Dana, Harry and Helen’s daughter. And when they FaceTime, she uses a sign in the background of his shot to track him to the location where Harry’s team is set up, backing Gib. Harry realizes that there’s no more hiding: Though Helen protests at first, they tell Dana the truth about their work with the spy organization. She is, understandably, shocked.

The confession comes just as Harry has to rush in, with Luther and Maria, to save Gib from the seriously scary Krypsis boss who’s just shot everyone in the room except for the tech expert. Harry pursues her out the back, where a helicopter is waiting. He destroys the computer — yay! — but the Krypsis leader drugs him and loads him onto the ‘copter, which takes off just as the rest of Harry’s team runs to the back of the building and can do nothing but watch him go.

The second hour starts with a little back story on our Russian villain (who’s played by The Americans‘ Annet Mahendru): Her father was a guard working a party when she was a child, and he was collateral damage in an Omega Section action there. So while Helen also brings her son Jake into the fold and the rest of the team tries to find Harry, the Krypsis woman has Harry strapped to a gurney and injected with some scary-looking drugs. He warns her that his training renders truth serum impotent, but she counters that the substance she gave him will cause him immense pain.

We soon see that she means physical and psychological harm: The drug, along with some hypnagogic suggestions, makes Harry hallucinate that his friends and loved ones have turned on him and are trying to kill him.

So by the time that Luther, Maria, Helen and Gib get to Harry, he shoots at them before they can get too close. (Meanwhile, Krypsis lady sets a few bomb timers and makes a hasty getaway, unnoticed.) But Helen knows she can get through to her husband, so she puts down her weapon and slowly, calmly approaches him, reminding him of their love and their family. It works, and Harry comes back to himself just in time for all of them to hustle out of the building before the bombs go off.

So everything’s great, right? All of the Taskers are in on the Omega Sector secret. Maria has agreed to turn down a new position and stay with the team, to Luther’s great relief. What could go wrong? Welp, at the very end of the episode, we see the Krypsis boss parked down the street from the Tasker house, talking to someone on the phone.

“They think the danger’s passed,” she says. “We take them apart now, piece by piece. Begin Phase 3.” Harry Tasker, sleeper agent? The world will never know.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the finale? Grade it and the season as a whole via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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