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Trump Is Up In The Middle Of The Night Obsessing Over Jack Smith

Trump was posting in the middle of the night on Friday/early Saturday about Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

A Poll just came out where I am way up on Biden in the General Election. What that means is that the Radical Left Democrats will step up their Fake Investigations on me because they now see they can’t win at the Ballot Box.

TRUMP Hating Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, whose family and friends are Big Time Haters also, will be working overtime on this treasonous quest. They are scoundrels and cheats. THIS IS ALL ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE. I hope Republicans in Congress are watching!!!

The poll that Trump referred to didn’t show him way up on Biden. Trump seems to be referring to the ABC News/Washington Post poll that has been questioned as a flawed outlier. No other poll has Trump leading Biden in the general election, but reality isn’t the point of Trump’s post.

Donald Trump is doing what he always does. He is trying to salt the earth and impune any evidence against him that may result in a federal criminal indictment in the classified documents case.

Trump is obsessing over Jack Smith in the dead of night because he understands that Smith is the greatest legal threat that he faces.  Trump also knows that a federal criminal indictment makes him virtually unelectable in November of 2024.

The former president doesn’t need to worry about his supporters jumping ship to DeSantis, but he will have virtually no shot of beating Biden if all of his campaign coverage relates to the criminal charges that he is facing.

Donald Trump is scared of Special Counsel Jack Smith and his fear is revealing itself in his social media posts.

This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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