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Trump’s Lawyer Holds Disastrous Press Conference After The E. Jean Carroll Verdict

The best thing that Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina could say about the E. Jean Carroll verdict was that he was happy that Trump wasn’t branded a rapist.

Video of Tacopina being happy that Trump wasn’t branded a rapist:

Tacopina said, “I appreciate that. I appreciate they complimented me, but for me it’s just about the results. And at the end of the day while, you know, it was strange, a part of me was obviously very happy that Donald Trump was not branded a rapist.”

When the big victory in court is that the jury did not have enough evidence to find Trump guilty of rape, it probably hasn’t been a good day.

Tacopina wasn’t done:

Tacopina later continued along the same track, “The  Access Hollywood should not have come into this success. There’s plenty of issues to appeal and look, that’s what happens, right? We’re in one sense gratified. And I know some people in this camp are very happy that, you know, the rape claim was rejected, but, you know, I’m not. And I am happy about that certainly, but I’m not happy he was found liable for anything,”

Tacopina didn’t have any spin on this. He took the one point out of ten that Trump wasn’t found liable for and ran with it, but there is no disguising that the press conference, just like Trump’s case itself was a disaster.

Trump’s legal team did not offer a defense, and they are hoping to get the verdict of the jury tossed on a technicality.

Tacopina’s press conference disaster illustrates how difficult is going to be for Trump to spin the E. Jean Carroll verdict.


This story originally appeared on Politicususa

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