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Twitter Users Have Drawn Comparisons Between Zac Efron And Lord Farquaad From The Shrek Franchise

After Zac Efron was spotted on the set of his upcoming film The Iron Claw as Kevin Von Erich, fans expressed strong opinions on social media.

In the photographs that were made public, the former star of High School Musical wore a brown wig with short bangs and wavy hair that extended straight over his ears. He also sported a tight gray cut-off crew neck tank, ripped denim shorts, and, most obviously, a brown wig.

After the photo went viral, fans on Twitter had a field day making comparisons between him and the Shrek antagonist Lord Farquaad, a figure with short black hair with bangs and was diminutive in stature.

One of Efron’s fans remarked that he “looks like if Lord Farquaad hit the weight room,” referring to the muscular development that the actor underwent to more accurately portray his wrestling role.

Someone suggested changing it to the 21st century while still referring to Lord Farquaad. Another user joked, “I see Lord Farquaad has been keeping up with his workouts.” According to a tweet from a user, Zac Efron will not be playing the role of Lord Farquaad’s lost brother.

The good lord Farquaad has been getting his glow on! An additional voice was heard. Someone else made a joke about the stereotypical appearance of a lady living in Brooklyn, New York City, and compared it to the offspring of a relationship between a Brooklyn art girl and Lord Farquaad from the movie Shrek.

One more enthusiast said that the character “actually looks like lord Farquaad on steroids.” On the other hand, Efron didn’t seem to be too disturbed by the resemblance, and he hasn’t commented on the social media hysteria either.

In September of last year, the actor from Neighbors addressed a rumor that had been spreading about one of his physical characteristics, namely his jaw.

This story originally appeared on Celebrityinsider

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