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Uber will start rolling out teen accounts with safety features next week

At its annual product showcase, announced a raft of updates, including the introduction of teen accounts. Starting on May 22nd, the company will start rolling out teen accounts in select cities in the US and Canada with the aim of helping younger folks travel more safely by themselves.

Uber says that only screened drivers who are experienced and highly rated will be able to carry out trips with teens. Drivers will be able to opt out of such rides. Teen accounts have a series of built-in safety features, including audio recordings, (which proactively checks in with riders if the vehicle has stopped for a while) and the option to to ensure young users are getting in the right car.

Parents and guardians will be able to track the progress of the trip. They can contact the driver or Uber support directly, and report any problems on their teen’s behalf.

Teen accounts will also be available for . Using family profiles, parents will be able to keep an eye on what their kids are ordering and to pay for food and rides from a centralized account.

Uber had another update to share on the family front — the company is starting to offer rides with car seats for younger kids. It’s using Nuna’s Rava car seat, which can support kids from birth up to 65 lbs (29.5 kg). These rides will be available in New York City and Los Angeles to start with, and Uber will roll them out to more cities later.

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