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Video: Betr doofus and Jake Paul simp ‘Derek’ apologizes for Nate Diaz press conference spectacle — ‘Please don’t hurt me’

“Derek” from Betr would probably feel right at home in one of those old Bounty commercials. Unfortunately, we can’t wipe him up with a cheap paper towel and dispose of him in the trash.

The Jake Paul employee, who appears to have graduated from the Robbie Fox Institute of Fighter Fakeouts, posed as a combat sports media member on Tuesday to con his way onto the Aug. 5 boxing card in Dallas, where Paul fights former UFC welterweight Nate Diaz.

Watch their embarrassing exchange right here.

“I would like to apologize for the question I asked at the Jake Paul and Nate Diaz press conference,” the wannabe boxer said. “I would especially like to apologize to my boss Jake Paul and I definitely want to apologize to Nate Diaz. Nate, please don’t hurt me. But if you do, I definitely deserve it.”

Betr is an online sportsbook co-founded by Paul.

I doubt the apology was authentic since “Derek” then doubled down on his boxing callout of Nick Diaz before launching into another half-baked tirade directed toward some other social media goofball you never heard of and don’t care about.

Do Betr.

This story originally appeared on MMA Mania

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