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Video of Mark Hamill Being Hurt By Crowd of Autograph Hunters Has Fans Outraged

Mark Hamill is not only a much loved actor in the Star Wars community, but he has also become renowned as a voice actor, playing characters such as the Joker in many Batman productions and Skeletor in Master of the Universe: Revelations. For that reason, there are many people who feel protective over Hamill’s welfare, so a video of him being hounded by autograph hunters was going to cause a fair amount of outrage among his many fans online.

The video in question was posted on Twitter by TheFirstOkiro, and shows the legendary actor and his driver attempting to drive away from a crowd of over enthusiastic fans attempting to get Hamill to sign various pieces of memorabilia by pushing it inside the SUV in which Hamill is traveling. To make matters worse, from the audio of the video it is clear that on at least one occasion in the fracas Hamill is being physically hurt by one of those grabbing for an autograph. The twitter user who shared the images made a very valid comment on the situation, which read:


“Mark Hamill didn’t have to come back for the sequels, the Mandalorian or anything Star Wars related. He jokes, he memes, he sends out positive messages and birthday wishes. He does this all because he cares & he’s kind. The least we can be is kind back. Don’t treat him like this.”

Of course the internet immediately jumped to condemn the way the group had assailed Hamill, ramming items through his car window in an attempt to get him to sign them. To his credit, Hamill was signing some of the items despite being told by his driver that they needed to leave. This is just the type of man he is, and as many pointed out, fans who take things a bit too far could recognize this a little more.

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Mark Hamill Recently Remembered Carrie Fisher Ahead of Her Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

Whatever he does, Mark Hamill will be remembered by many as Luke Skywalker first and foremost. Just ahead of his Star Wars co-star, the late Carrie Fisher, receiving a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hamill reminisced in an interview with Variety about the woman he had worked with for a number of years while filming Star Wars projects. He said:

“I was completely unprepared for the person I met, who just was overwhelming, in the sense that she seemed so much wiser than her years. Very funny, very spontaneous, very witty. [She was] the perfect person in the perfect role. She was as far from a damsel in distress as you could get. She was in charge of her own rescue. I think that first impression that the audience got really established how they perceived Carrie overall, and she just grew from there.”

Mark Hamill reprised his role as Luke Skywalker in the second season of The Mandalorian, but it seems likely that his time playing the Jedi is now over. However, he will be returning to voice Skeletor in Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution on Netflix soon.

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