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Was Scandoval Staged for Vanderpump Rules Publicity?

We’ve been keeping up with the scandal surrounding Vanderpump RulesTom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss since the story broke in March 2023. I mean, it’s been hard not to. From shocking revelations to surprise pop-up appearances, there’s been TOO much going on for us not to notice. And quite frankly, it still feels surreal. 

Think about it. Two co-stars film the entire season while secretly banging, only to be found out about after the show wraps. And to make it worse, Ariana Madix discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity while supporting him at one of his terribly produced music concerts. 

The outrage fans felt for Tom and Raquel once the story became public has been insane. With the finale and reunion around the corner, I imagine it’ll only worsen for them. They haven’t received much sympathy from the audience, but there are some willing to cut them some slack.

Was Scandoval all a set up? Have we been played? 

In a new interview with Insider, podcaster Lara Schoenhals said it’s “suspicious” this news came out during the show’s decline. 

“They needed something to get shaken up, to get people’s interest back,” she said. While another podcast host, Hollie Bohorquez, said, “I personally feel like they were mapping this out.” 

As a viewer, trying to play producer and figure out which scenes are highly produced and which are the most authentic is exhausting and, truthfully, not what the show is about. I’m not one to discredit an exciting storyline, especially one with this much passion and emotion. But, according to these podcasters, we’re not on the same page. 

“So before Scandoval even broke, they had the filming permits in place to record with when cameras went back,” Hollie alleged, explaining that production was already in place to pick the cameras up once the world found out about the affair.

Despite their mumblings, Bravo has affirmed that this storyline was not staged and episodes have not been re-edited. 

Vanderpump Rules continues Wednesdays at 9/8c. 


This story originally appeared on Realitytea

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