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‘We Produced More Evidence Yesterday than Adam Schiff Did in 4 Years with Donald Trump” – James Comer with Lou Dobbs – Reveals Biden Deals with Congo, Qatar, Middle East and More… | The Gateway Pundit

The House Oversight Committee this week held a press conference to show the American public and the DOJ what the Biden family has been involved in, just in case the DOJ was about to give Hunter Biden a plea deal on mere tax evasion or lying on a gun application.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced the Committee has discovered a dozen more LLC’s involved in money laundering and another country, Romania, involved in influence peddling. And there are several more countries. James Comer told Lou Dobbs on Friday that the Biden Crime family was also making deals in Congo, Qatar, the Middle East and more!

The House Oversight Chairman told Lou Dobbs on The Great America Podcast that he has proof that Joe Biden received payments while serving as VP of the United States.

Comer says Speaker McCarthy is going to call FBI Director Chris Wray and demand the document Comer requested. The FBI this week refused to turn over this document to Congress. This is the same FBI that arrested Trump supporters for not fulfilling the wishes of Congressional investigators. Comey added, “It’s pretty discouraging to see our own federal government obstruct or even worse cover up this major investigation… We produced more evidence yesterday than Adam Schiff did in 4 years with Donald Trump and they impeached him.”

Comer was surprised when the mainstream media didn’t report on the evidence the Committee presented: that Biden lied, that Biden did receive money from China, and 9 family members received money from China as well.

Listen to the Comer-Dobbs interview here at the Great America Show.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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