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Welcome to NPR’s new news quiz. Have you been paying attention? : NPR

This week, the wonkiest of topics — the debt ceiling — instilled terror and/or boredom, depending on your definition of disaster and preferred level of drama. If the U.S. defaults on its bills, will treasuries, the world’s most trusted debt vehicle, be irrevocably tarnished? Or will planes fall from the sky and trains go off the rails? More so than usual, that is.

Meanwhile, bees chased humans and paparazzi chased Harry and Meghan. Big Tax Prep sniped at the IRS and Congress churned over AI. Hey, leave AI alone! It can train nurses and help rebuild the middle class.

Other stuff also happened. How well were you paying attention? Find out with NPR’s latest foray into the teeming, cutthroat news-quiz space.

This story originally appeared on NPR

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