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WHAT A DISGRACE: Thieves Try to Gun Down Tennessee Homeowner After He Catches Them Trying to Steal His Van — Police Arrest Homeowner for Firing Back in Self-Defense! (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: FOX 13 Memphis

A homeowner in crime-ridden Shelby County, Tennessee, is behind bars after firing his gun in self-defense at thieves trying to steal a van outside his house.

Fox 13 Memphis reported the man was alerted by his home surveillance system at around 2 a.m. Saturday that several individuals were outside his house.

Once the man, who has since been identified as 40-year-old Victor Luna-Rodriguez, stepped outside, the thugs fired multiple shots at him while he was standing underneath the porch light of his home.

Luna-Rodriguez fired back at the thieves three times.

A hailstorm of bullets was then fired by the burglars, and Luna-Rodriguez responded by returning fire approximately four more times.

Finally, the thieves took off as another shot was fired from the window of their car. The footage concludes with Luna-Rodriguez going back inside the house.

When the Shelby County police arrived on the scene, they demonstrated no concern for attempted robbery or the thieves’ attempts to gun down the man in cold blood. Instead, they started looking for an excuse to charge the man for having the audacity to defend himself and his property, according to Luna-Rodriguez’s wife.

Here is what she told FOX 13 Memphis.

When they were talking to him, from what I saw, it was like they were trying to find ways to charge him. “That doesn’t sound right. Why would you put pressure on the victim when you should put pressure for the suspects to be found.


The police claim Luna-Rodriguez admitted that he could not see clearly where he was firing and shot with his eyes closed. They also claim he shot at the suspects as they fled.

The deputies decided to arrest Luna-Rodriguez for reckless endangerment. Under Tennessee law, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon is a class E felony punishable by up to six years in jail.

Luna-Rodriguez’s wife expressed anger over her husband being in jail while the real criminals are walking free.

“The suspects, they are out there,” she said. “They were probably sleeping or partying while my husband was in jail trying to get released for something where he was innocent.”

As Fox News reported, news of this unjust arrest drew intense criticism on social media.

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Amy Swearer was “floored” by Luna being charged and said he was 100% entitled to his actions.

The homeowner’s wife says thanks to the incident she is having trouble convincing her children they can be safe in their own home.

For my girls and mom, it was like a movie. It was like we were in a movie. When I first told them we were going back to the house, they were like, No mommy, don’t do that to us.

They said, ‘Mommy, we do not want to stay there. What if they come back and get us?

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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