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What Is Sling Freestream TV — How to Sign Up and Watch TV for Free

It’s time to cancel those streaming services and cut the cord if you still have it. Sign up for Sling Freestream, the FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) service that offers live and on-demand content from all your favorite channels. All you need for a personalized viewing experience is an email address.

What Is Sling Freestream?
Freestream is Sling TV’s FAST option that doesn’t require credit card information or a contracted commitment. The service offers tons of content across 200+ live channels, including over 40,000 shows and movies on-demand. If you sign up with an email, Sling Freestream operates like any other streaming service.

Plus, Freestream helps you consolidate all your favorite shows into one platform with the ability to add or drop premium TV subscriptions, including standalones like AMC+, Showtime and Discovery +, as well as paid Sling subscriptions. (Read our full breakdown of Sling TV’s paid subscription services.)

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What Shows Are Available on Sling Freestream?
With Sling Freestream, users can access the Walking Dead Universe and shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Key & Peele, South Park, Rick and Morty, Workaholics, Match Game and Family Feud, among others. Freestream also gives users the opportunity to watch the early episodes of popular series like Outlander and Lucky Hank.

What Channels Are Offered on Sling Freestream?
The platform’s popular channels include ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, Nick Jr., VH1, and Buzzr (which has an extensive library of classic gameshows). With a wide range of news, entertainment and family-friendly channels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

How to Sign Up for Sling Freestream:
Freestream operates best if you sign up with an email. If you’re one of those people who is apprehensive about shelling out your address, TVLine recommends using a secondary email account, like one from college or something from your embarrassing middle school AIM days. Once you sign up, Freestream allows you to save your favorite channels, create personalized watchlists, and resume unfinished titles from where you left off.

The service can be accessed without authentication, too. So, while you don’t need to provide an email to use Freestream, signing up with one does improve your viewing experience.

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