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WhatsApp’s new privacy feature locks sensitive chats and hides them from notifications

WhatsApp just announced that should allow users to keep certain conversations more private. The tool lets you lock any conversation, which places it in a specialized folder that’s only accessible via biometrics, like a fingerprint or face scan, or by entering a current password. This also automatically hides any references to locked chats in the notifications feed.

Locking a chat seems easy enough. Just tap the name of the one-on-one or group chat and select the lock option. When you want to read the chat, enter your password or complete a biometric scan. WhatsApp says this is a great feature for those who share phones with family members and want to avoid a snafu when “someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives.” The tools also let you lock WhatsApp completely behind biometric authentication if that’s your bag.

The folks behind the popular messaging app say they’re busy prepping more features for Chat Lock, like the ability to create a custom password for each chat and a tool to Parent company Meta has been extraordinarily busy trying to keep WhatsApp safe and reliable, as it recently to hinder would-be scammers and to deal with disappearing messages. The Chat Lock tools are rolling out now to WhatsApp users.

This story originally appeared on Engadget

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