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Which Joker Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There are many different Joker zodiac sign examples, and that should surprise no one. When it comes to Batman’s villains, past and present, none connect as strongly to Batman as his main nemesis, The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime was actually Batman’s first “supervillain” in an era where DC Comics had Batman and Superman mostly fighting mobsters. Not only that, but Joker died in his first appearance in Batman comics and was only brought back from the dead because he became extremely popular with readers. It was Joker who arguably convinced DC to create the idea of supervillains.


Since that time, Joker has also become one of Batman’s most persistent villains in movies, TV shows, and video games, and no other villain comes close. There have been some major actors taking on the role as well. Cesar Romero, a Latino acting legend, took on the role in the classic Adam West Batman TV series. Multi-time Oscar nominee Jack Nicholson took on the role for Tim Burton and Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for playing the character in The Dark Knight. What is really impressive is that each version is different from the ones that came before, existing at a different point on the zodiac trait charts.

Aries – Lego Batman (Zach Galifianakis)

The Lego Batman Movie was a delightfully funny edition to the Caped Crusader’s world, as it celebrates the character’s mythos while also poking fun at it. In this version, the chaotic Joker (voiced hilariously by Zach Galifianakis) calls upon bad guys across various franchises in order to take over Gotham. This outrageous plan was a result of his strange affection for Batman after the latter deeply hurt his feelings. Acting upon emotion is a trait often displayed by those born under Aries. Another quality of this Joker zodiac sign is assertive leadership, and Joker certainly needed to be this when leading a team of villains who are leaders in their own respective universes.

Taurus – Tim Burton’s Batman (Jack Nicholson)

Jack Nicholson as the Joker smiling in 1989's Batman

One of the most famous actors to ever play the Joker was Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989), and he did a stand-up job at that. Sinister and murderous yet charming and funny, Nicholson’s Joker still remains beloved today, and he is definitely one of Tim Burton’s best villains. Nicholson’s Joker is debatably the most grounded of the Jokers — which is saying a lot — and makes him the aptest Joker to represent Taurus. Furthermore, this Joker zodiac sign shows ambition and initially, in a dark twist, dependability when he was mob boss Grissom’s right-hand man.

Gemini – The Batman 2004 Animated Series (Kevin Michael Richardson)

Kevin Michael Richardson as Joker in The Batman 2004

The 2004 animated series was known for its dark and unique designs, some of which were more successful than others. In this series, the Joker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) was a more primal acrobatic criminal who liked to cause chaos purely for his enjoyment. For this Joker zodiac sign, Geminis are dynamic and energetic yet intelligent, much like this unusual yet nightmarish version of the Joker. What’s more, people born under Gemini are supposedly flexible and responsive, which perfectly matches this Joker’s natural acrobatic skills and quick instinctive responses to anything around him.

Cancer – Batman Ninja (Tony Hale)

Tony Hale as Joker in Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja is a feature-length anime that sees Batman transported back to feudal Japan. Here, he learns that Joker has taken over this new universe, and he must put an end to his reign as well as figure out a way to get back home. Voiced by Tony Hale, this anime version of Joker may be more whimsical than most, but he is certainly no less chaotic. Joker has fun creating and warping history and timelines in this dimension, akin to a Cancer’s enjoyment of creating things. Joker took this to the next level by taking over as a Lord and altering reality as they knew it.

Leo – 1960s Batman (Cesar Romero)

Cesar Romero laughs as the Joker in Batman

The first-ever Joker to be bought to life on screen was Cesar Romero in the now-legendary 1960s Batman series. His camp portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime is still enjoyed today and set a high bar for Jokers to come. Keeping within the show’s melodramatic and colorful tone, Romero’s Joker is theatrical and flamboyant, much like Leo’s. His crimes may be less harmful when compared to other Jokers, but they are eye-catching and bold, making this a perfect Joker zodiac sign. Joker remains ever-confident in himself and his schemes, no matter how many times Batman sent him to prison.

Virgo – Batman: The Animated Series (Mark Hamill)

The Joker grinning aboard his garbage barge in The Last Laugh of Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series remains one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed DC series to this day. One key reason is Mark Hamill’s timeless portrayal of the Joker, whose episodes are some of the best in the entire show. People born under Virgo are known for their practicality and intelligence, and BTAS‘s Joker is one of the smartest and most scheming versions of the character, fitting this Joker zodiac sign perfectly. His wit not only lies in his diabolical yet well-planned schemes but also when effortlessly lying to others, including Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who would later become the legendary Harley Quinn.

Libra – Suicide Squad (Jared Leto)

Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad is iconic for all the wrong reasons. While distinctive in design, this version of the Joker was extremely divisive among DC fans, and some fans found his performance ruined the movie for them. Yet there’s no denying that Leto’s Joker is memorable. When it comes to this Joker zodiac sign, he is a Libra. Joker seems to have a balance of establishing himself as both a notorious and somewhat calculating crime lord and a loose cannon. Furthermore, Libras are supposedly indecisive in certain choices, and this could be applied to this version of Joker’s twisted feelings for Harley.

Scorpio – Gotham (Cameron Monaghan)

Gotham TV Show Jerome Joker

Gotham bought a fresh perspective to Batman’s rogues’ gallery as it focused on the individual paths that led them to villainy. Here, the Joker – called Jerome Valeska – proved to be a terrifying presence even before he established his reputation as a villain. What makes Jerome a fitting Scorpio for his Joker zodiac sign is his tenacity, which is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that he died twice, and his evident fearlessness. Additionally, Scorpios are unafraid to trailblaze and leave and legacy behind, which Jerome successfully achieved through not only his followers but his own brother, even after his death.

Sagittarius – Harley Quinn (Alan Tudyk)

Joker "Where's My Electric Car?" in the Harley Quinn series

The Harley Quinn adult animated series is one of DC’s more recent successful hits. Focusing on Harley after her breakup with the Joker, it’s only natural that the Clown Prince of Crime (Alan Tudyk) would serve as the first series’ main antagonist. People born under the Sagittarius sign are known for their extroverted nature and sense of humor, and as one of the funniest characters in Harley Quinn, as well as one of the most outspoken, this version fits that Joker zodiac sign. Furthermore, Sagittarians can be a little immature, and it’s fair to say Harley Quinn‘s Joker has had more than one hilariously petty tantrum across the show.

Capricorn – Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

Joaquin Phoenix in green hair and makeup as Joker

The 2019 movie Joker may have polarized audiences and critics, but Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was universally praised, and it even earned him an Oscar. In this fascinating origin story, Phoenix plays budding comedian Arthur Fleck. The film chronicles his tragic descent into becoming one of the most infamous characters in comic book history. Capricorns are driven and focused on their goals, which can be difficult to apply to an agent of chaos like the Joker. Yet Arthur Fleck, despite his sensitivity, is a driven individual. Throughout the movie, his long-term goal is to become a comedian and make people laugh.

Aquarius – Arkham Games (Mark Hamill/Troy Baker)

Batman Arkham Origins Joker Introduction

The Batman: Arkham games are some of the best and grittiest versions of Gotham, and of course, Joker is no exception. Mark Hamill got to revisit one of his greatest roles for the original trilogy, with Troy Baker taking the helm for the Arkham Origins series. In the game, Batman comments on how he has never encountered anyone like the Joker in his time of fighting crime, which reflects the Aquarian sign trait of being unique and individualistic. What’s more, people born under this Joker zodiac sign are supposedly humanitarian. Arkham‘s Joker can be considered this in a warped sense, as he believes that the core of humanity is immorality and corrupts others to prove this.

Pisces – The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger)

Joker showing a bomb inside his jacket in The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight is without a doubt one of the most legendary. From his smeared facepaint to his catchphrase “Why so serious?,” Ledger’s Joker continues to delight and frighten viewers to this day. Pisces are known for their intuition and this is greatly demonstrated by Ledger’s Joker, as he could plan strategically and improvise his schemes based on his observations of others, Batman included. Plus, in a very sick sense, Ledger’s character displays this Joker zodiac sign’s characteristic of sympathy as he could seemingly appeal to others for his own gain. It’s of little wonder this Joker is so iconic.

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